10 Powerful Ways To Keep Your Holiday Waistline Under Control

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When the Holiday season comes round, our waistlines tend to get a bit round as well.  The reason for this is quite obvious….cookies, creamy desserts, cakes, fried foods, shopping, samples, smells and general holiday cheer all combine to send us into sensory overload. If we are not careful, we can easily slip into mindless snacking and an increasing waistband.

So does this mean we are destined to have a bland, tasteless, generally unsatisfying Christmas holiday? Are we doomed to not eat and enjoy the tastes of the season?

No way!

It is possible to enjoy the Holiday season and still keep an eye on our weight loss plan. We are not forced to opt out here. We just need to follow some simple tips to ensure we don’t lose control. Here are ten of the most powerful weight loss tips we have gathered for the Holiday season:


Go Clear Instead of Creamy

When it comes to sauces, soups and pretty much anything, clear is generally better than creamy. Seek out the clear options when you visit a buffet, order up a soup or add a bit of gravy. That step alone can save you huge numbers of calories around the holidays.


Always Carry a Snack When Shoppingb2ap3_thumbnail_newsantahatb.jpg

One of the worst times to keep things under control is when we are out and about during the holiday season. From malls and shopping centers to parties with your friends and family, you are going to be tempted by all the smells and flavors of the season. To help curb off some of these urges, make sure you keep a healthy but tasty snack on you at all times. This can help turn a chocolate brownie into a granola bar in many cases and that really adds up. Make sure the snack is one you genuinely enjoy.


Eat Before Attending Parties or Shopping

Another key is to make sure you are not going around on an empty stomach. This is a huge mistake because it can and will lead to empty calories. Those are the ones that end up making us gain the most. Have a good protein rich meal before shopping or going to a party.


Keep Your Shelves Full of Healthy Options

Having options around the holidays is a huge key to keeping things under control. There will be days when your same old snack simply won’t do. You need to have several healthy choices to look over and enjoy when the cravings come calling.


Portion Control

You don’t have to completely swear off all your holiday favorites. The key is to portion things out. Instead of scarfing down several cookies, for example, savor one or share one and really take your time. When you eat slowly, you find that the flavors are even more intense and enjoyable.


b2ap3_thumbnail_santa-via-shutterstock.jpgRemember That Santa is Jolly...But Not Healthy

This simple notion is a good reminder when you put out those cookies and milk for Saint Nick. In fact, let Santa be a gentle reminder to you that binge eating is not a healthy option at all. He would tell you the same I am sure and your state of mind is the most important tool you have in weight loss. Make Santa proud and who knows? You might even inspire him to lose a few pounds.


Take Active Steps to Avoid the Holiday Blues

We all know that holiday depression can be a driving force behind gaining weight. When we get depressed we often lose sight of what we are doing and how it affects us. Try to make sure you identify your triggers for the holiday blues and take steps to avoid them. For example, many are susceptible to holiday depression when they are alone. If you are like that, make sure you plan your days to be with others and to stay active.


Compare the Indulgence to the Exercise

When you look at that brownie, ask yourself a simple question…

Is it worth it to spend thirty minutes on the stair climber for that brownie?

It will change your perspective when you start to view your overeating through the lens of physical exercise. There is nothing wrong with being truthful with yourself.


Don’t Be Afraid to Say “No Thank You”

Saying no is not only okay during the holidays, it is a necessary thing. If you go through the Holidays without saying no thank you, you will be as big as a house at the end of December. Say no when you are not interested, not hungry, unsure or any other reason to not partake. Your Aunt Sally will understand and you will feel much better about yourself.


Use That Salad Bar When You Go Outb2ap3_thumbnail_Saving-Money-Using-The-Grocery-Store-Salad-Bar.jpg

Salad bars are our safe haven. They have our veggies, greens, fruits and nuts. They can give us flavor without the accompanying guilt. They can help us to feel okay about eating that calorie rich item because we know that we are eating responsibly. When you head out during the holidays, eat your primary meal from the salad bar and then treat yourself with something special.

These tips are certainly not just right for everyone but they generally can be applied. If you have your head on straight and you really take a stand, the holiday season does not have to be a guaranteed extra five or ten pounds.