Addition And Subtraction Using Pokemon Go!

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Discovery in education is super important to developing minds as they ask questions, calculate theories and make conclusions. Did you ever wonder if some of these modern game apps ever took education into consideration when creating their apps and games for kids to play? Whether Niantic had Math in mind when they developed the Pokemon Go app is something we may never know, but there are many ways to incorporate Addition and Subtraction lessons into your child’s game play when out adventuring using the Pokemon Go app! Ready to learn?


After entering the app, click on the red and white Pokeball icon at the bottom center of the screen. Choose the Pikachu shape icon under Pokemon in the Menu. Now, try choosing any one of the many Pokemon that you’ve already captured and click on them. This will give you loads of info that can be used by your child to practice their Addition and Subtraction skills. Start by creating a station with index cards, a pre-printed worksheet to insert Pokemon stats into, or a blank piece of paper and have your child’s pencils and an eraser handy as well.


Comparing Pokemon CP (Combat Power)


For this lesson in Subtraction, have your child jot down the two names of the Pokemon they are using for comparison. Make sure the CP level is different on both Pokemon. Next, look at the Pokemon’s CP level and start to create a subtraction problem by placing the higher CP number at the top and the lower CP number underneath. Have them draw the line under the two with a minus symbol and then solve the subtraction problem. Have them do this exercise at the end of each day to keep up with subtraction skills and to learn the value of their higher CP Pokemon that are captured.


Pokedex Data


Have your child go back into the Menu screen and click on the Pokedex icon which appears at the very top of the other icons. Within the Pokedex, you will see a list of all the Pokemon available to search and capture currently available in the app at that time. At the very top of the screen you will notice a counter that shows the first number as the number of Pokemon that your child has captured, and the second number is the number of Pokemon that they’ve seen. Have your child create a subtraction problem using the second number (amount of Pokemon seen) as the top number, and the first number (number of Pokemon actually captured) as the bottom number in the problem. They can now draw their line underneath them and make the minus sign, and start solving the subtraction problem.


Poke Balls and Potions


For any avid fan using the Pokemon Go app, nothing seems to matter more to the player than whether they have enough Poke Balls to go out on an adventure and successfully capture some cool, new Pokemon. In this exercise, have your child go into the Menu screen and look under the different types of Poke Balls they have. Depending on their Trainer Level in the game, will determine whether they have only Poke balls, or if they have the addition of Great Balls, Ultra Balls and others. Once they start accumulating Great Balls with their regular Poke Balls, they exercise will come in handy. Knowing how many Poke Balls you have (no matter the type) at all times can be very important. Your child can keep track by creating an Addition problem using the Poke Ball counts for each different type of Pokeball. Have them write each one down, one on top of the other, then draw their line and put a plus symbol for the problem. Now they can solve the question of how many Poke Balls they have altogether!


If your child is already at Level 5 or higher and has chosen their Team so they can go into Pokemon Gyms to battle, then they will be excited about the amount of Potions, Super Potions, and Hyper Potions they carry. Each student will have a different amount of each on a daily, or even hourly basis depending on how often they battle in the Gyms or defend their own Team’s Gym. You can at least have them practice this exercise once a day, if they battle a Gym each day. Now they can go into the Menu screen and list the number of each separate Potion they carry one on top of the other. Draw the line and add the plus symbol. Solve to discover how many total Potions they have to heal their Pokemon with after being defeated in a Gym battle.