Adventures in Potty Training...

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My husband and I have been struggling to potty train our 3 year old son.  He had shown an interest in sitting on the potty at an early age, so we encouraged it!  We would let him in the bathroom with us so he would know what was expected, and we let him sit on his potty and imitate us.  We tried taking it a step further and waited for him to go potty as well, but it would just never happen.  As soon as the diaper or pull-up went back on, he would go!

We figured diapers were "safe" and comfortable for him, so with the advice of some of my awesome mommy friends that he doesn't know when he's wet, we tried putting cool superhero underwear on!  This way when he had an accident, he would definitely feel it.  He would scream and cry and refuse to even remotely entertain the idea of wearing anything other than a diaper!  So I didn't push potty training on him.  He wouldn't still be in diapers in High School, right?  The last few months, daycare has been reporting that he was going to the potty for them.  Oh the wonders of peer pressure!  Unfortunately, we don't have an army of toddlers at our disposal to encourage him to go to the potty.

Fast forward to today, I decided to come up with a potty chart with stickers!  After showing him the chart and showing him the potty and toilet paper pictures on the chart, and the boxes, he was excited to sit on the potty and get a sticker!  For the 100th time we were in the bathroom sitting on the potty.  I just knew he wouldn't do it, so I pulled out all the stops.  I also turned on the water in the sink and started cleaning it.  The water running in combination of him getting his mind on something else I was doing and.... SUCCESS!  His face lit up and he yelled.. I'M PEE PEEING MOMMY!!!!  YAY!!!

Oh crap!!  Where are the stickers?? LOL   Of course I couldn't find a single sticker in the house, so I resorted to tearing out a puppy dog from a gift tag sticker from Christmas and sticking it on there.  You'd think I stuck a hundred dollars on there for how excited he was!

So, we are going to stick with the sticker chart, and when he gets 5 stickers on his chart (1 for #1 and 2 for #2) he gets a sucker!  Or it could easily be changed up for a sticker for a day of no accidents and bigger rewards.  Feel free to download the chart I created!  Good luck!

Click the image or the link below it to download a pdf of the chart


I also figured we needed to have some actual reward stickers, and I ordered these from Amazon:


100 Holographic Smiley Face Stickers