Air Hogs Hypertrax and Hyper Actives 5 – Great for Easter Baskets!

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Air Hogs is the leading R/C brand delivering non-stop action!  I love that these toys are great for

beginners or pros.  My little boys will be able to manipulate them and

b2ap3_thumbnail_hg2.jpgplay with them at ease!  They flip and climb and my kids will get a kick

out of that!  They are well-made, sturdy, and seem indestructible!


Air Hogs Hypertrax looks like a mini Land Vehicles with rolling tracks that

just looks so cool!  The RC remote is easy for little hands to use and the flipping

action is something the kids get a thrill of! 


b2ap3_thumbnail_ah4_20141124-203504_1.jpgHyperactives 5 is a relentless 5-wheeled RC Stunt Vehicle delivering non-

stop, high-speed action! The 5th wheel generates extreme torque

delivering fast speeds for intense stunts. Jump it, roll it or flip it, the

Hyperactives 5 will even drive when it's upside down.  This

will thrill my boys as they love to see what all they can make

their vehicles do!



Visit and explore the entire line! b2ap3_thumbnail_ah3_20141124-203445_1.jpg


Spin Master Ltd., Canada‟s largest children‟s toy and

entertainment company, announced today it is the proud recipient of

the “Toy Supplier of the Year” award from Walmart, one of the

nation‟s largest retailers. The award was presented at Walmarts

annual supplier summit in Orlando, Florida on March 13, 2014.

“We are so honored to have received such great recognition from

Walmart,” said Ben Gadbois, Global President & Chief Operating

Officer of Spin Master Ltd. “Our goal is to collaborate with all of our

retail partners to be a world class supplier and deliver high quality and

innovative products. Walmarts Supplier of the Year Award‟ exudes excellence in the business and we look

forward to continuing our work with Walmart for many years to come.”  In addition to winning “Toy Supplier of

the Year” for 2013, three Spin Master toys were featured on Walmart‟s “Chosen by Kids” hot holiday toy list, a

list that was chosen by 1,000 kids who tested, played with and ultimately chose the top toys for the season.

The specific toys included on the list were the Air Hogs Elite Helix X4 Stunt, Flutterbye Fairy and Zoomer.