Another Step Into Being Green with Lunchskins

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So I like to think I'm on the green end of the spectrum. Some might say I'm a little crunchy momma. I have been cloth diapering since I had my second kid. I use more towels cleaning up spills than I care to admit instead of reaching for a paper towel. However I have gone through way too many disposable sandwich bags. I have looked into going green in the lunch pail for some time. Well since my oldest started school 3 years ago. The first couple of years I just knew she would throw them in the trash. She however has entered the second grade. She told me if I got her some reusable bags she promised to not throw them away and bring them home everyday.


I have searched trying to find the right ones for us. I was asked to try out some bags by The Mommy Nest. It was perfect timing. I was given a sandwich bag and a snack bag by Lunchskins by 3 Green Moms. It was a super cute girly set. Just what my kiddo needed to be reminded to bring it home with her. It even has a space to write her name on it (having three girls and hoping to pass this down I have not written her name, but will be putting in her initials since all my kiddos share initials). These are made of a food grade fabric from Germany, however all bags are made right here in the USA!! There are lots of prints to choose from and they even sell some cute combo packs.

She is at an age where she loves packing her own lunch. She made her own sandwich and snack the first morning I showed her the new fancy bags. They were velcro and super easy for her to use. Now keep in mind she is only 7 and packing her own lunch. This means her sandwiches often loose whatever she has put on it.

She was however very happy and told me how cute the prints were. When the bags came home all mommy could think was please let this clean easy. Now these bags are dishwasher safe. Which is convenient for a busy mom of 4. I was going to be doing dishes anyways. I put them on the top rack of the dishwasher and ran it as normal. They came out clean and ready to be used again in the morning. They are great for the lunch box here.

I do believe I will be investing in more of these. Two sets for the husband to use at work and a spare set for the kiddo to use at school. This way if we forget to run the dishwasher we will have a set to use the next day.


For more information or to order your own, check our their website today at:

Their items are regularly tested toxin free: bpa, lead + phthalate free, dishwasher-safe, handsewn in the USA, and they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee! 


Guest Writer: Katharine C.