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As a mama of 3 little ones, it seems like I'm always wishing for an extra hand or 2. Juggling the needs of 2 little boys plus a newborn hasn't been the easiest transition. I may be exhausted mentally and physically but as with every mom in history, I'm somehow managing. Of course, having a great husband who helps after work and overnight despite having to get up early, is a tremendous help as well. There are times though when he's working that I feel totally overwhelmed with having to juggle everyone's needs all at once and they usually happen while I'm trying to accomplish tasks around the house, working or even while out and about running errands.

The hard truth about having children is that you'll never have those extra hands and unfortunately life doesn't stop because you're tired.  But thankfully there's a little something called Baby K'tan.  They sent me this awesome carrier to try out and it is wonderful!  I recently used it when we went on a family outing and it was nice to be hands free while the baby snuggled in and slept the entire time! 


Baby K'tan was founded in 2007 by two families who have been close for years, the Chesal's and Wernick's, who both had a special needs child in the home as well as 2 other children. Like many parents who wanted the benefits of carrying their little ones as much as possible while making sure they received the proper nourishment for healthy development, the Chesal's and the Wernick's experimented with different types of baby carriers, slings and wraps.

They found themselves dissatisfied with the different models they tried out and decided that the next course of action would be to try creating their own that would meet their needs. These creations would feature important elements like comfort, ease of use and style. They improved on these three areas that they found lacking in other brands, creating what we know today as Baby K'tan.

Baby K'tan is the ready to wear wrap that parents are raving about. So many models come in a dizzying array of different wrapping styles that parents find confusing and time consuming so when Baby K'tan took the stage with its unique double-loop design that functions as a sling, wrap and baby carrier all in one easy to use design, it was no wonder it soared in popularity among customers. With the Baby K'tan, there is no wrapped or buckling involved, something that other carriers have yet to implement in their designs; simply slip it on like a t-shirt in three easy steps and you're ready to carrying your little one all over with 2 hands to spare! The K'tan can be worn in three different styles and is also suitable for little ones from birth to 35lbs.


To learn more about Baby K'tan you can visit them on Facebook|Twitter|Pinterest|Instagram|Youtube and ensure that you never miss the latest news and product releases!  I highly recommend this versatile carrier for every new mom! 

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