Bear Paddle has given my Kids the Confidence to Swim!

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I can’t say enough about how wonderful Bear Paddle Swim School lessons have been for my boys!  We started them in swim about a year ago and the progress they have made has simply blown me away! Bear Paddle Swim School specializes in water safety training for children of all ages as well as swim techniques.

We love the unique layout of the pool where there are small square sections roped off making the kids feel more safe in their environment and the small class sizes, making it feel like a much more personalized experience.


The instructors took the time to get to know my kids from the very first moment!  The staff and facility is equally as impressive.  Everyone got to know us on a first name basis and we are always greeted with a smile.  Upon entering, you can go to the locker rooms to get the kids changed into their swim suits.  From there, they can rinse off in the super-fun showers at Paddle’s Kid Wash!

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Once in the warm 90°F saltwater pool, children experience clean water and air that is gentle to their skin, eyes, and lungs and a sophisticated pool sanitation system that delivers a comfortable and clean swimming environment.  The kids are allowed to choose a pair of goggles and the instructors ask them questions about how comfortable they are in the water.  They always stress the importance of water safety, how to enter and exit the pool, and going at the student’s pace.  They use a story-based lesson plan designed from a child’s perspective to keep children engaged and learning throughout their Swim Lessons. Each Swim Lesson has an element of Safety, Endurance, Creativity, and Swimming Without Goggles. The Challenge of the Week is designed to increase awareness of these four elements. Each child progresses at their own pace and is recognized for their accomplishments with Skill Patches!


The staff pays close attention to the student’s progress and doesn’t wait for your “month of paid lessons” to end before promoting them to the next level.  If they are ready, they talk to you about moving them into the next level up and working with your schedule to see what can fit.  My older son has already gone up 2 levels because his confidence has been boosted and he can see that he can do it! The Deck Managers are on the Pool Deck for all Swim Lessons and evaluate each Student’s progress week-to-week using their handheld notepads. Since all Students advance at their own pace, our Deck Managers and Swim Teachers work together to communicate what is needed from each Student to earn Skills and move up to the next Swim Level!

My youngest was scared of floating on his back and putting his face in the water.  Now, just 6 weeks later, he is doing both and even more!  My oldest has advanced to lane swimming where he is learning actual strokes and loving it!  The staff encourages parents to sit on the swim deck and watch and cheer your students on!  It is great that you can hear everything they are teaching them to reinforce at home.  The instructors are extremely patient with the children and listen to their fears.  My kids are always asking when they get to go back to swim again!  Once a week isn't enough because they love it so much! 


Classes are structured by age and ability to accommodate varying abilities within each age group. Student to Swim Teacher ratios are 3:1, 4:1, or 5:1. The class sizes for all Level 1 classes are 3:1. The class sizes for Level 2 through Level 7 classes are 4:1. Parent participation classes are 5:1 for Introduction to Teddy, and 4:1 for Teddy Level 1 and Teddy Level 2. Teddy Level 3 is a Non-Parent Participation class and has a ratio of 3:1.

The facility is truly kid-friendly. Amenities include family-style changing rooms, baby changing stations, private showers, hair dryers, and lockers. For families, we offer seating on the pool deck, multiple air conditioned viewing areas, movies playing all day, and free Wi-Fi. Don’t forget to visit the Patch Rewards Corner to capture photos of the memorable moments when Skill Patches are earned!


Based on the high demand for quality swim lessons, Emily Everson and Spencer Rice, co-owners of Bear Paddle Swim School developed a fun new way to teach swim lessons. Bear Paddle’s swim program features 30-minute weekly lessons, small classes designed by age and abilities, and safety skill development. Bear Paddle’s skill patch reward system teaches young swimmers positive reinforcements in a fun and innovative way!

They offer so many great programs from swim lessons and camps to birthday parties and their new upcoming Family Swim Times!  Be sure to come out and join The Mommy Nest on Sunday March 4th to participate in a FREE FAMILY SWIM session and see what all Bear Paddle is about!  Check out our Facebook page for more details! 

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