Blogger Bash 15, in which a lucky guest blogger gets to be a kid again . . .

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Writing an entry as a guest blogger is like starting a new school mid-year. Sure, I’ve studied the basic subjects, been a b2ap3_thumbnail_bb6_20150728-195700_1.jpgmember of student council, but this is NEW. This may take some mirror affirmation. Ok. Here goes. (Just picture me looking in a mirror for this next part.)  My name is Meggin and I’m writing for The Mommy Nest. I really, really want you to like me. (Crazy blogger steps away from imaginary mirror.)  Step one, awkward intro: Nailing It.

I put on my best dress, smooth down my hair, and strap on my backpack. Adventure, here I come! When I get off the bus at Pier 60 in Chelsea, excited chatter washes over me. Enthusiastic guides usher me into the first event of the day, The Care Bears Share Your Care Brunch. I pick up my plate and survey the room. Please, please let there be a seat open. Sure enough, an empty chair calls my name. I slide into it, the presentation begins, and Funshine Bear appears on the screen. This. New. School. Is. Awesome.


First introduced in 1982, Care Bears continues to entertain new audiences with digital apps such as Care Bears Belly Match (a “Bejeweled” type game for kids) coming out later this year as well as a new series on Netflix that debuts on November 6, 2015. “Care Bears & Cousins” will premiere in 18 languages and launch in over 140 countries. Partnerships with Sanrio and Build-A-Bear also roll out in 2015-2016. For those parents already building up their triceps to jostle their way through Black Friday, get ready.  An exclusive 34” Cheer Bear plush is coming to Walmart. Just for Black Friday. Consider this advanced warning.

Commercialism aside, Care Bears has a message to spread. On September 9th, National Care Bears #ShareYourCare Day encourages families to find ways to inspire others with kindness, generosity, friendship, and compassion. One such #ShareYourCare ambassador, ten-year-old Zach Kaplan, looks to help homeless children in NYC with the help of the Care Bears. As he tells us, “It’s easy to give back and it feels good to be a kid giving back to other kids.”

When the brunch ends, our bellies and hearts are full. We follow our guides outside and board busses for our field trip to the theatre. Again. This. New. School. Is. Awesome.

I find a seat in the theatre, and chuckle at the announcements that scroll on a digital display until a stage manager strides down the aisle, hands me a Toblerone, and gives me strict instructions, “Hold onto this until someone comes for it. Then give it to him.”  Whelp. I’m in for it.

Well, actually, we all are. The Blue Man Group uses audience participation, percussion, paint splatters, strobes, black light, physical humor, inventive media, and total gross outs (I don’t want to spoil the fun but I also need to mention that regurgitated Twinkies do make an appearance in the show) to ensure that EVERYONE is engaged in the action. This may not be best for pre-school kids, but nine-year-old me is SOOO ready to recreate some of this mess and mayhem at home.  Stay tuned for a special giveaway coming soon here on The Mommy Nest! 

After the show, I traipse back onto the bus, eager to see what else this day has in store for me. Lucky for me, it’s time for Sweet Suite 15. That means candy, toys, and PEPPA PIG!*

I linger at each booth, reluctant to let this day go. From a candy craft chocolate pen to a Star Wars Build-A-Bear to construction toys repurposed from recycled milk containers, I am stricken. How can I decide between a Mutations Ninja Turtle and a bubble blowing R2-D2? Will Santa really believe I’ve been good enough to deserve a vetch Kidizoom ActionCam (which is basically a kid’s GoPro that has a waterproof case) a Flipsies 2-in-1 set and a laserpegs kit? If I’m struggling over these powerhouse holiday offerings, I can’t imagine how it’s going to blow tiny little minds across this great land.


As the room packs up around me, I scrawl my last few lines in my notebook as Brian Vander Ark, the lead singer from The Verve Pipe sings “The Freshman.”

I could get used to this!  

Blogger Bash 15 took place in New York City at Pier Sixty on July 16 & 17! More than 500 attendees met with brands from industries ranging toys, family, parenting, fashion, travel, fitness, and more!  I had such a great time at Blogger Bash and hope to return again next year to keep everyone in the loop on the latest and greatest products!