Celebrate football season with Softjox Football Plush for kids!

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Softjox Scores A Touchdown With Customizable Plush Sports Characters!

As football season approaches, give your kids something fun and unique!  Kids really love having something they can truly call their own and their eyes light up when they see their name and favorite number on the actual character!  Softjox specializes in customizable plush sports characters that are perfect for boys and girls ages 3 and up.


b2ap3_thumbnail_sj2_20150821-190633_1.jpgMy boys both have one and they love to play pretend games with them and have them tackle each other!  They are very well made, super cute and soft and are stuffed really well so I can tell they will not wear out quickly!  These would make great gifts this time of year! 


They are wanting to get one in each color and form an entire team to play with!  I told them maybe we can look into getting one each year and get the number on the back in their current age so they can remember when they got them!  These super soft and cuddly characters were created by a dad who had athletic kiddos of his own!  This adorable plush football character is great for snuggling! 


These would also make great gifts for all of the boys friends when we have birthday parties, etc. to go to, what little kid doesn't love football!  You can also special order them with names or logos of organizations! 


The line is expanding to include a pink/purple soccer player and will soon also have baseball, basketball, hockey and cheerleader characters! 

Hut, hut, hike! Customize with your b2ap3_thumbnail_sj1.jpgchild's name or nickname and favorite number on the back for added fun.   A perfect gift for children, family and friends. Available in two sizes, 15" and 20".  Available in blue, red, black and green. 


MSRP: $19.95 (15") & 29.95 (20") About Softjox Established in September 2014, Softjox is your online source for customizable and snuggly plush sports characters. Softjox also offers branded apparel.


Right now they are offering Free Priority Shipping and 100% money back guarantee on all orders so get yours before football season is gone! 

From their website: "Having two young boys who are active in sports and observing how they and most of their sports minded friends enjoy plush toys, an idea popped into my head in the summer of 2010. Plush sports characters.  I decided to create a series of plush sports characters that were not animals or mascots, but not entirely human looking either. I wanted the characters to be fun, animated, cool, soft and high quality without the use of hard pieces or uniforms. I wanted to create a cool sports logo to represent the concept, and also look great on sportswear.  Being a toy industry “outsider “ and busy with my day job, it took over 4 years to figure out and bring Softjox to the market. They are original characters that are not based on a movie, television show, book or real people. They are, however, based on real sports, sports that kids love to play and watch. They come with no specific names. It has been my experience that children love to name their plush toys, just as families like to name their pets. To make them even more special we are offering them with the ability to customize by applying a name or nickname and/or number to the back of the characters. The first release in September 2014 is a football character in four color choices. The next releases will consist of basketball, soccer, baseball and hockey characters, as well as a cheerleader. It is my hope that these characters will put smiles on the faces of children all over the world."


Check them out online at: http://softjox.myshopify.com/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/softjox