Charles Ross’s One Man Star Wars Trilogy Review

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Charles Ross’s “One Man Star Wars Trilogy” has modest beginnings, as the man takes centre stage in a boiler suit, to sing the 20th Century Fox fanfare, and from then on he whirlwinds through the A New Hope before you have even had a second to think. After running through the 123 minute long film in roughly 20, he has a quick chat with the audience, a swig of water, before running through the last two films, finishing off the original trilogy in the space of an hour.

Attending the show I wasn’t really sure what to expect from it, I had specifically kept away from publicity materials as I wanted to be able to enjoy it free of preconceptions, the show, however is exactly what it is: Charles Ross whips through all 3 films at the speed of light, with no props, no costumes changes, no one else on stage, he sings all the music…in fact save for a few light changes (cleverly used to help you keep up when he is changing scenes), and his Britney Spears style microphone there is not much to this show!

The show isn’t just about running through the films as quickly as possible though, the script is incredibly well observed and there are loads of great jokes which reference some of the ridiculousness within the films themselves, and there are also loads of great in-jokes for the more hardcore of the star wars geeks out there.

Charles Ross’s characterisation throughout the show is just amazing, and it is so easy to tell who is who when he is playing all the different characters, which is obviously important when he is having to leap around like a maniac portraying 6 different people (plus a clone army) in the scene where Luke Skywalker and gang escape the Death Star [in A New Hope], all whilst Obi Wan is duelling Darth Vader! This is truly majestic, and the amount of energy he has to expend is huge…and you’re only 12-15 minutes into the show at this point! He really does earn his money during this one hour spectacular, it looks to be really hard work!

Other personal highlights for me was his amazing R2-D2 whistle which was accurate to the point of beauty, and something I intend to practice every day from now on! His Jabba the Hut was belly laugh funny, it was well mimed, and well vocalised; you could have closed your eyes and believed Jabba was in the room. The scene in the Mos Eisley Cantina is great fun, from the moment The Cantina Band start up (remember, Charles Ross hums/sings all the music himself), to the fight with Ponda Baba and Pig Face [Dr Evazan].