What better way to spend the day with your little princess than at the Snow Fairy Princess Tea at the Galt House. I was fortunate enough to take my daughter to this wonderful event today and the Galt House really knows how to make a little girl feel like a princess.

When we first arrived, my daughter was taken aback by the room decor, from the china tea sets to the pink satin bows on the chairs, everything screamed "Princess" in the room. We got to stop at a table where The Mommy Nest was greeting visitors and letting the little kids choose a special bird ornament off their Christmas tree!   We had a great time chatting with the other people at our table and having some great mommy - daughter time while drinking our tea/juice and eating all the yummy treats that were on the table.  I was thrilled to see they had apple juice for the kids, since most don't like tea.  But, everything was still served on the very fancy china sets.  We enjoyed amazing sugar cookies, delicious mini crown cakes and edible glitter grapes! 
The real fun began when the Snow Fairy Princess arrived at the tea to personally talk to each little princess and help them make a wish with some fairy dust.  She explained how they should hold out their hand and make a wish and blow and truly made each child feel special.  After all the little princesses were able to make a wish and take a picture with the Snow Fairy, it was time to go to KaLightoscope with the Snow Fairy herself.  The entire KaLightoscope experience was included with the ticket cost for the Tea. My daughter loved her guided tour with the Snow Fairy and it really made her feel special to go around with the Snow Fairy. The only downfall of the day was when the Snow Fairy Princess had to tell everyone farewell and head back to the North Pole. 
It was truly a magical day and I'm so happy I was able to share such a wonderful memory with MY little princess. I would highly recommend everyone attend, and there is another chance on December 16!  For ticket information visit http://www.christmasatthegalthouse.com/tickets/

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Emily K.