Club SciKidz camp review!

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My older boys had an extraordinary time last week at their Club SciKidz camp!  They got to take classes in Paleontology and Minecraft!  Club SciKidz caters to all kids this summer by offering opportunities for them to be scientists, veterinarians, engineers, paleontologists and more!  Each Club SciKidz camp inspires interest in science and technology by involving kids in the creation of hands-on experiments and take-home projects.

Colin, my 8 year old participated in Camp Paleo, which is for grades 1-3.  This camp offered an exciting introduction into the basics of Paleontology! This exciting adventure in Paleontology had him playing in the dirt and having the time of his life! Campers were immersed in several hands-on projects that they brought home to continue their adventure. Plus this camp offered fun and dynamic science games! They got to pan for Gems and Minerals, Crack Open a Geode, do a miniature Dinosaur Dig and build and take away a cool T-Rex Model!  He was so excited to show me his treasures at the Friday Open House event! 


Jackson my 12 year old participated in the Master Minecraft Programmer Camp which is for grades 5-8.  Did you know that Minecraft™ was built using Java™ code?  I knew he could learn valuable programming skills, which I liked, as he personalized Minecraft™ Game mods, which he liked. He was able to take his problem-solving skills to the next level as built and customized worlds, crafted recipes and added tools and blocks for his character.  I loved how the camp used the sand box game of Minecraft to transition from drag and drop to typing real code.  Jackson loved showing me his online worlds he had built! 



By letting your kids participate you can have your child create their own video game, learn how to put a cast on an animal, build robots to complete space missions, create their own stop motion movie, or be educated on chemistry reactions by metal flame tests, and so much more. Many of the camps have expertise of visiting professionals too. For example, campers will hear  from actual veterinarians and crime scene investigators for Emergency Vet and CSI camps. 

Their summer session is over but they will be offering various opportunities for next summer so keep an eye on their website here: