We Dads have always known that the day would come when our precious little daughters would start liking boys. We knew it was coming…
We simply didn’t want to deal with it until we absolutely had to. As a proud father of two twin daughters, I can honestly say that I have stayed awake nights thinking of that fateful day.
Now that I am just on the other side of my daughter’s boy craziness, I see the signs that I missed clearly. I had all the signals right before me, but was unable to see them because of my own panic.
I now realize that my girls think about boys…there I said it.
To say I was blindsided by this fact would be an understatement. I never saw it coming because I had my eyes closed. To keep my fellow fathers out there from such a shock to the system, I thought I would share these five signs…
We have to face it sometime.

Sign Number One - They start to watch Disney...but not the cartoons

I grew up watching Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and the Road Runner. On occasion, we would get to watch a Disney special with Goofy, Donald Duck or some other Disney character. I don’t remember watching the Disney of today.
My girls first fell in love with Ross Lynch. Yes, I know his name. That would be Ross Lynch of Austin and Ally fame. This Disney show sent my girls soaring towards puberty on the golden wings of this blonde haired rock star. Dang Cablevision…
*Daddy Advice Alert - Beware the Disney Juggernaut!
Sign Number Two - They no longer like your public dancing
When I grew up, Morris Day and “The Time” were all the rage and they had a popular dance called “The Bird” they were famous for. I was quite good at said dance and can still lay it down today. My girls would giggle without control at one time at my dancing no matter where we were.
Not so much now… Boys might be watching. They say “friends” might see but I know the truth.
Sign Number Three - Technology suddenly becomes an extension of their body
My daughters suddenly grew tablets for hands…I can’t remember the last time I saw them without those darn things. I am terrified to look at their history on there. Technology and boys are connected though I am still learning the ins and outs of how it is done.
Sign Number Four -  They suddenly walk a few steps ahead or a few steps behind you
There was a time when my baby girls would literally have to be touching me when we walked. They either held my hands, rode on my head or latched around my neck like tree monkeys.
Now, I am pretty sure they are there but I have to look every few minutes to be certain.
Sign Number Five - You begin to feel like the odd man out in family conversations
There are certain things that we men are perfectly okay not knowing about. I will listen and talk with my girls about absolutely anything, but I gladly allow them to confide in my wife about certain things when they choose. This works out well most of the time.
The problem is, you will reach a point where you know something is going on with a boy, but you are pretty sure your wife is helping hide the evidence. I know she knows more than she lets on. What secret dealio does she have with my girls here?
Fine, I am paranoid.
As a Dad, I thought I would be prepared for everything. The truth is, I was not prepared for the day my daughters started seeing boys in...that way.
None of you will be either, but it might help to know it is coming and how to recognize it.
Or you could just do what other men do and bury your head in the sand.
Nah…I am glad I am paying attention and I think they are too.