Daddy Directions - How to Ensure You Spend Enough Time With Your Kids

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Growing up as a young boy I was not always fortunate enough to get time with my Daddy. My biological father was a man that provided excellently for our family, but he was not one to head out and toss the old baseball around. He would come home exhausted and plop in the recliner on most weekdays and weekends were filled up with work at home that had piled up.

I noticed early on that I wanted more for my future kids despite my young age. I loved my Dad and wanted to spend time with him, but it simply was not in the cards.

At the age of about 11, my parents had divorced and my mother remarried a man that became my role model. When it came to spending time, he was the complete opposite of my father. He was at every ball game, always had time to play with us and never missed the chance to grab ten minutes to hang out together.

I was so fortunate to have a man to model the right way to do things. My own need to spend time with my kids coupled with his wonderful example has helped me to find the time with my own kids in a way that I always craved.

If spending time with your kids is a challenge for you, here are some tips that are sure to help you out:


Prioritize Early On

Many fathers use the excuse of being a “provider” in place of being there for their children. That is a poor excuse. Doing one thing does not exclude the other. You have to prioritize the things that matter in your life. Fathers I can tell you that nothing should sit higher than spending time with your child. You can do both if you put this high on the priority list. We always find time to do the things we truly want to do.


Assess Your Habits

When I was young, I would watch my Dad do the same things every single day. He would come home, grab the paper, sit in the recliner and read for about an hour. He would then watch television for about an hour and eat supper after. Then he would settle in for an hour or two more of television.

This routine was common to most days. Clearly he had his priorities wrong and if he had noticed that, we could have done much more. Look over your own habits and find time to dedicate to your child each day.


Find Ways to Include Your Kid

Some of the best times I had with my Dad growing up was going with him for typical errands. Every time I do anything during my day, I always consider if my kids can go with me or not. If they can, they always do. Why?

Every moment is precious. For every second you dedicate your time to your child, you are gaining trust and learning about them. To know your child deeply and closely is to truly understand being a Daddy. The benefits are massive and you will be helping your kids to navigate a new and dangerous world through your knowledge and sharing.


Understand the Responsibility

Being a father is about much more than just creating a child. Too many fathers lose sight of the joys of fatherhood because they don’t hold them in high enough esteem. A father that values his kids will naturally want to be with them.

Time with your kid is a responsibility but the fact is…it can be fun. There are few things I would rather do than be around my children. That joy came because I understood the responsibility early on. Get to know them. Value them. Prioritize them.

In the end, our children depend on our example and our attention. The only way they get this is through a solid relationship that grows over time.

Be aware at all times of that relationship and hold it in the highest esteem. If you do, you will have all the time in the world.