Disney's FROZEN Review

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I had the opportunity last week to take my kiddos to see an advance screening of the new Disney movie Frozen and it was magical!  I was in love with the music, the animation, and the storyline!  My kiddos were too!  Frozen is loosely based on Hans Christian Anderson’s The Snow Queen but with new-tech CG and 3D effects, it is a modern nod to what Walt Disney would have envisioned for such a story!


This Disney film seems like a return to some of the best movies from my youth.  It is more of a classic story-telling film with lots of musical numbers and very memorable characters who are both intelligent and lovable.  It is so good in fact, that even though the two main characters are princesses, my two young boys loved the film and keep asking to see it again!  One is 7 and the other is 2 and they sat and watched the entire thing!


This movie moved me so much with its music.  The voices of Princess Anna (Kristen Bell) and Princess Elsa (Idina Menzel) are spectacular.  It is so nice to see Disney investing in strong female vocalists who can both carry a wonderful solo tune and sing a duet that will take your breath away!  Not only are the princesses beautiful as always, but they portray strong, independent young women who are confident and not afraid to make decisions and follow through.  The film also teaches valuable lessons about the love we should have for our siblings and has a really neat twist.  Certainly there are male figures in the movie, but in the end it is not all about a girl just falling in love with a boy!


While there is one short sad moment with the death of the girls’ parents (why do the parents always seem to pass away in Disney films?), the majority of the film is light, upbeat and not at all scary. There are fun characters that appeal to any age child, male or female.  The lovable Olaf, a funny snowman from a childhood memory kept my kiddos laughing the entire time.  There are of course princes and male figures like Hans, who help the two girls along the way as well.  But, even when Anna turns to Hans to help her in her quest to end winter by finding her sister, she has an unwavering persistence which makes one proud to see her on the screen!  Anna’s sister Elsa feels alone driven to isolation from her magical powers.  But, eventually, once she stops and listens to her inner voice, she realizes she can control it!


Frozen is a wonderful family movie that children and adults of all ages should go to see this holiday season. It is in theaters now, so make plans on this holiday weekend to get out and have some family fun!

P.S. Dear Santa, please bring this mommy the soundtrack so I can learn all the words and sing along!