DIY Sheet Music Eggs

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In cleaning out from our house move, I have come across all sorts of old paperwork, etc. that I am shredding.  One folder I found this past weekend was full of old sheet music and it gave me a fun idea of a DIY project that can easily be done to make an Easter decoration for a table or living room!  

Here are the needed Materials:


Old sheet music (This was purchased for 10 cents from a local thrift shop.)

Plastic Easter eggs

Mod Podge




Step 1: Cut sheet music into thin strips. It doesn't matter how thin you make them, but the thinner they are, the easier they are to wrap around the egg and keep flat.


Step 2: Pour some Mod Podge on a paper plate.


Step 3: Start placing strips of sheet music on the plastic egg. You will need to use your fingers to slather the Mod Podge on the egg and over the strips of sheet music. This will get messy, but it is the best way to make sure everything gets covered and stays smooth. Do not worry about trying to make the strips uniform, just place them at different angles until the whole egg is covered.


Step 4: Once covered, set the egg off to the side to dry completely before placing in a display.


And, finally, display somewhere that friends and family will see and ask how you made!  It is a great conversation starter but overall, just a pretty piece to have sitting around!  Certainly, having some sort of bird-themed basket or bowl to place them in just makes it so much sweeter! 


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