Eating Gluten Free on a Budget

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Gluten free food is becoming more abundant lately but can be quite costly sometimes. There are plenty of choices out there that are naturally gluten free available to you for you to enjoy. Eating gluten free on a budget is very do-able if you do some extra planning and hunting around. I hope you enjoy the ideas listed below for eating gluten free on a budget.

Look for naturally gluten free choices - There are plenty of gluten free choices of food available to us that you may not realize are gluten free. Try adding fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet as these are readily available and in season right now. Some great choices to use to add variety to your meals are asparagus, cabbage, cucumber, carrots, garlic and green beans. Always buy them fresh and cook to your liking. These are not the only gluten free options available to you but I just wanted to start you out with a list of ideas. Other naturally gluten free products are Eggs, Almond flour, brown rice, coconut flour, meat and some cheeses. Really watch the packaging on things because when it comes to some processed food they can sneak gluten in on you when you’re not paying attention. There are tons of naturally gluten free products on the market, just take the time to do some research to make sure it truly is gluten free.

Plan your shopping and meals ahead of time - There is nothing worse than trying to cut down on the cost of food than heading out to the grocery store with a hungry tummy and no list! Always plan your meals in advance and have a detailed list of the items you need to buy to get you through to your next shopping date.

Shop around and compare prices - So many stores are carrying gluten free products these days and with more stores to choose from you will find that the prices can vary greatly between them. Keep an ongoing list of gluten free products that you use on a regular basis and a running tally of there pricing at different stores. When trying to budget shop it is usually well worth your time to plan a trip and get the best buy at different stores even if it takes a little more time.

Buy in bulk - As with any type of shopping buying in bulk can greatly reduce the cost of an item. Many health food stores offer a great discount on gluten free flours and can save you a ton of cash when choosing this option. It also works great if you want to try working with a certain product but aren't necessarily sure you want to commit to using it.

Keep your eyes peeled for generic items - Generic items can save you big because you are not paying for the fancy brand name or beautiful looking packages. As with all gluten free products keep a close eye on the ingredients to be sure has not been any gluten added.

Prepare your own food - We have all learned over the years that it greatly cuts down on our food cost when we make our own home made food. You can pay big for the convenience of being able to throw a meal together in seconds and it can really take a toll on your health. If you have a hard time going to work and cooking your own meal try planning and doing the bulk of your prep work on the weekend. Planning your meal and freezing it in advance is also a great option. There are tons of great gluten free recipes on the internet available for you to try. There are plenty of gluten free stores on the internet that have taken out the guess work of making sure there products are gluten free and sometimes the convenience of having it shipped right to your door can save you valuable time and gas money. Just make sure and do you’re research to make sure that you are working with a reputable company.

Do you have any gluten free on a budget tips that you can share with us today?