Entertrainment Junction for the Holidays Review and Ticket giveaway!

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Entertrainment Junction, Where Trains Meet FUN


I received free tickets to review Entertrainment Junction, but all opinions are completely mine.

My boys have always loved trains, so when this opportunity arose to visit Entertrainment Junction and see model railroads, I jumped at it.  Entertrainment Junction, located in West Chester, OH, is a good 2 hour drive from Louisville.  A bit more if it is raining cats and dogs like it was when we went, so plan to leave super-early if you want to make the most of every minute they are open!

Tip: a great way to pass the time driving up there is to take some crayons and a copy of their free coloring book (link: http://inbound.entertrainmentjunction.com/free-entertrainment-coloring-book?&__hssc=41609597.1.1416888302286&__hstc=41609597.03ccb5cbcbe6969cdf798c5331ea98b5.1416696982631.1416696982631.1416888302286.2&hsCtaTracking=82e63058-dbb8-4ad4-aa58-846614a74ea2%7C5dc111ea-3aef-4d37-be6e-8ce839006b33 )

When we arrived, we first went to the ticket counter and got our wristbands.  It was easy to find and a painless process - a bonus for a pair of excited children.  I really came to appreciate another great idea from the Entertrainment Junction team: stools to pick up for little ones; nice, tall stools that save a mama’s back.  My guys were both happy to carry or push their handy stools through the displays. 

The first section, we rushed through a little bit.  My younger guy was ready to spend all kinds of time watching the Civil War camp trains, the mining trains, river
dock station and logging trains, but my older guy was ready to go PLAY! So after about 15-20 minutes in the first section, we checked out Imagination Station.

b2ap3_thumbnail_enter5.jpg  b2ap3_thumbnail_enter4.jpg

Imagination Station is a sensory kid’s dream come true.  Just a few highlights:

There is a soft play area with three levels to climb up and explore, with rock walls, spinning cylinders, rope swings, and more.  There were mazes made of punching bags that my guys went through several times.  There was a jumping pole, slide, and a couple of steering wheels lined up along a ceiling to swing like monkeys.  Several little hidey-holes were perfect nooks to look out over the whole Imagination Station area.

In addition to the soft play structure, there was a kid-sized train with bells to ring, whistles to blow, wheels to turn, and coal to shovel.  The back part of the train had a tunnel to crawl through into the caboose, and both cars had plenty of windows to look out at caregivers and friends.  I was really impressed with the coal car, coal shovel, and firebox details! This was my older son’s favorite play area, because he enjoyed playing the Engineer role.

There is a toddler section with all kinds of gears to spin, puzzles to solve, and switches, buttons, wire puzzles and more for little fingers to manipulate to their hearts’ content.   There are also several train tables inside and outside the toddler zone.

b2ap3_thumbnail_enter8.jpg  b2ap3_thumbnail_enter7.jpg

The model railroad displays have buttons for the children to activate the inner and outer trains, the cable car, the helicopter and radar, and various noises like bells and whistles and “All Aboard!”  This was my younger son’s favorite part of Imagination Station.  He loved being able to see these trains so easily, since they are set up at child’s eye level, and he would walk-run around the table with the trains. 

After about an hour and a half of playing in Imagination Station, we were able to take a quick potty break and change diapers in family restrooms right inside the play area, off to the side.  I love family bathrooms!  They make parenting two crazy active little boys so much easier!  I had no worries about losing a child before everyone was taken care of, and the rooms were bright and clean.

We went back out to the rest of the model railroad exhibits and enjoyed them for the next hour.  There were several different lists at the ticket window with items to look for, but since my guys are still pretty young and not yet reading, those lists weren’t exactly the right fit for us.  Instead, we used a clipboard and an Amtrak “Rail-phabet” printable we brought from home.  As a bonus, because the “Rail-phabet” has pictures and words for each letter of the alphabet, we got to practice some letter recognition, too.  You can find the link here, if you decide you want to use it when you go: http://www.amtrak.com/ws/kids/downloads/station/Railphabet.pdf  Because it is an Amtrak freebie, please note there were a couple of words we couldn’t find at Entertrainment Junction’s displays.  We also counted cars on the trains as they went past- there are some really long ones, too! We even had a chance to talk about why some trains have one engine and others have more, as well as the different types of train cars and their jobs. 

Christmas in on full display in the Great Train Expo! Some really cute Santa trains and winter wonderland displays, as well as a couple of photo ops made this special seasonal exhibit fun. We really could have spent so much more time here than we did, but we want to squeeze in a trip to the Amaze’n Fun House before closing time.

b2ap3_thumbnail_enter3.jpg  b2ap3_thumbnail_photo-1-2.JPG

The Amaze’n Fun House has a couple of different fun houses or mazes to go through.  The guy at the entrance was GREAT about offering tips on which ones might scare my littles and what to expect in each of them.  Be sure to stop and ask what to expect if you have young children or kiddos with sensory sensitivities!  Don’t miss Christmas Journey, a nice trip through Santa’s workshop, Mrs. Claus’s kitchen, and Santa’s living room, where you can get pictures taken with Santa.  Those pictures are available for purchase just outside Santa’s house, starting at $10.

b2ap3_thumbnail_funhouse.JPG  b2ap3_thumbnail_photo-3-2.JPG

Overall, we were very excited about this trip and enjoyed ourselves tremendously.  We will definitely make a return visit, so we can spend more time watching the trains, check out the Railroading Museum more and play, play, play.  We did not take time to eat there, but there is a little grill that had some delicious smells wafting through the air. 

For more information on everything Entertrainment Junction has to offer, check out their website: http://www.entertrainmentjunction.com/

or find them on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/EnterTRAINmentJunction

Right now they have Special Extended Hours:
December 13th-30th, open until 9pm
Closed Thanksgiving & Christmas Day
Christmas Eve & New Years Eve, open until 4pm

We recommend getting the Do-It-All tickets and if you pre-purchase online, you save $2 per ticket!  Here is the info from their website:


Experience a warm holiday glow your family will never forget. The Junction is all decked out for the holidays with beautiful decorations and holiday music. See the Main Street Holiday Trainsexhibit featuring 3 wonderful train displays. Experience the incredible Christmas Journey where visitors become wrapped in an amazing winter wonderland on the way to the North Pole. At the North Pole you’ll find Santa’s house where you get a fresh baked cookie from Mrs. Claus and get some one-on-one time with Santa himself. (Santa goes on vacation after Christmas)

The Do-It-All ticket also includes the new A-Maze-N FunHouse with the region's largest mirror maze, spinning vortex tunnel, the hilarious tilt room and more!

Plus all our other great attractions including the World's Largest Indoor Model Train Display, our indoor kid's play area and the American Railroading Museum.



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