Every parent needs a BabySmile S-502 Nasal Aspirator

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With all of the back and forth warm weather/cold weather we have been having, it seems like someone in the house has had the sniffles non-stop!  I especially feel bad though when my 9 month old gets congested as it is not as easy for babies to deal as it is for us!  As you may or may not know, babies cannot conduct spontaneous nose breathing by b2ap3_thumbnail_51hciMaoWVL._SL1000_.jpgthemselves up until the age of two, and they can only keep breathing out of their mouth. This means that they cannot even push out any nasal mucus that might accumulate in their nose. This accumulated nasal mucus stays in the nasal cavity and causes an inflammation that eventually leads babies into middle ear infection. This is the primary reason why you need a hospital grade nasal aspirator to completely clear out the nasal mucus before it develops into an ear infection or something more serious.

BabySmile recently sent me a BabySmile S-502 to test out and we love it!  Nasal aspiration has such huge benefits but many people in the United States simply don’t know about it. Moms do not know the relationship between mucus and middle ear infection until doctors directly tell them when it’s already too late.  I had tried some of the more manual nasal aspirators and they hard to to use while wrangling the baby to be still, not to mention the thought of using one is sort of gross.  I know there are filters, but still, if they are sick, getting their germs that close to my mouth may not be the smartest idea!  LOL

Many moms who know that nasal care is important have been using a manual type to directly clear the mucus out of their baby’s nose using the suction from their own mouth; however, it is difficult to use and mucus that is stuck will cause middle ear infection. Sometimes a mom can get a secondary infection by excessively clearing the mucus too, so both mom and baby are burdened. b2ap3_thumbnail_71FKhswPfWL._SL1200_.jpg


Benefits for baby:

• Early recovery from cold, RS virus, and middle ear infection

• Less prone to middle ear infection

• Able to breathe gently and sleep deeply

• Able to drink milk properly because of nasal breathing

• Lower risk of viral and bacterial invasion into the body because of nasal breathing


Benefits for mom:

• Lower physical strain for mother attending hospital

• Able to get sleep time for mother because baby can sleep deeply

• Lower mental strain for mother because of less time of worrying about baby

• Potentially lower medical expenses through preventive nasal care


Most common baby illnesses aren’t serious but they are uncomfortable for your baby. Babies can’t blow their noses so excess mucus from a cold or RSV makes breathing, nursing and drinking from a bottle quite difficult. And all that mucus can block the ears’ Eustachian Tubes, allowing fluid to build up behind the ear drum causing infection. While there’s no medicine you can give a baby to relieve congestion, there are tools that will make your little one feel better until the virus subsides.  Many pediatrician’s offices are starting to use the nasal aspirators and having one in your home could save you a trip! 

When my middle son got RSV at 8 weeks, we were sent to the ER and they used a medical nasal aspirator to get mucus out!  I think every parent should have a BabySmile in their home!  It is a wonderful too that can be used over and over again!

Find it on Amazon here: http://amzn.to/2kDrABu


About BabySmile S-502:

BabySmile S-502 is a medical device approved by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. Today, the use of a power-operated nasal aspirator in the home is very popular in Japan, and BabySmile S-502 is the pioneer of this emerging technology. It has been ranked as the #2 best-selling product in the “Nasal Aspirator” category on Amazon.co.jp, second only to the traditional nasal aspirator powered by manual mouth suctioning. BabySmile S-502 also won a “Kids Design Award” in 2015 for its impressive sales record and social impact. Since it’s power-operated, mucus can be suctioned thoroughly, even at home. The baby-friendly silicone tip, which touches the baby’s nostril, is very soft and BPA free. The suction power can be adjusted to three levels, and the parts can be washed easily with water after use. BabySmile S-502 is mom-friendly, and is a major time-saver for busy moms. Find out more about the BabySmile S-502 at http://www.babyhealthcare.us/




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