Exercising with the Tupler Technique

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I thought this week would be a good time to share with you some of the exercises that are in the Tupler Technique. While you're repairing your transverse and getting the muscle stronger, there are a lot of exercises you shouldn't do. Laying on the floor and doing crunches, or being on all fours and doing planks are big no-no's. Those type of exercises put too much pressure on the muscle and you'd be doing more damage to it instead of repairing it.


The main exercises that I've been doing are the core contractions and seated squeeze. When I first started doing this program, I was initially intimidated by the amount of reps I'd have to do. As a mom of three toddler boys, how was I going to remember to do these let alone have the time to sit down and do them. However, I have found that finding time to do these exercises are super easy. One thing I find myself doing the most as a mom is driving my kids everywhere they need to go, plus the places I need to go. You're sitting there driving, do your exercises! I can get them done and I'm usually in my car enough times a day to be able to get them done. If not, I do them at the kitchen table while I'm waiting for the kids to finish eating. After initially reading through the instructions, I thought to myself that all I had to do was sit and hold in my stomach? Easy! However, in the first week my abs were so sore and the exercises were challenging. The muscles were so damaged, that doing these exercises several times a day was giving them a real workout. More than I have ever felt with many situps and crunches. It makes sense now that before when I was doing the crunches I wasn't really working the proper muscles. But these exercises target the transverse muscle and help to repair it.


Until next week