Fabletics Leverages Crowdsourcing Reviews To Enhance Business

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Recent studies show that consumer purchases are resolved by the power of the crowd. In today’s society, many customers rely on crowd-sourced reviews to complete their purchase in addition to trusting the reviews. There are many different types of brands that are taking advantage of the savvy marketing solutions. One company that has taken the lead in sales and customer solutions is Fabletics. The well-known clothing brand was launched in 2013 and has rapidly grown by more than 200% with an increased revenue reporting over $235 million. Shawn Gold serves as the Corporate Marketing Officer of Fabletics, and credits much of the company’s growth to the constant attention driven through their crowd reviews.

The shopping world has increased digitally throughout the years, and many paying customers rely solely on customer reviews. Fabletics studies the reviews and works to improve their services through their trusted platform. Many customers spend hours researching the company their making their purchases from. An alarming amount of people trust the reviews that are granted online. In a recent study conducted by BrightLocal, they found that approximately 84% of people trust the reviews that they read online and even compare it to a review by someone they know. It has been found that the smartest and most successful businesses pay close attention to the crowd and obtain feedback from their sources. By understanding this extraordinary piece of information, each company can use the information and leverage it appropriately. Another study showed the amount of use with each individual and how frequently they research the business. They revealed that over one half of the surveyed consumers conduct research at least once a month. In addition to the research and findings, smart businesses take all of the reviews and work through them to correct certain issues and resolve them. Upon careful research and evaluation of the crowd reviews, approximately 76% of top brands utilize reviews made by posting them on their website. This tactic drives positive traffic to their business site and increases growth dramatically.

As Fabletics works through their various reviews and works to rectify each one, their reviews become more positive which creates a greater revenue cycle. Since the initial launch, Fabletics has worked to increase their business strategy by increasing their loyal customers. Their positive reviews and marketing brands create a much higher improvement within the search ranking system. There are many benefits to crowdsourcing which helps each brand become transparent and customer focused. By putting themselves in the shoes of their customers, they can work towards a better business structure and provide more strategies.

Actress, Kate Hudson, has taken an active role in the overall formation and logistics of Fabletics. From her starring role in ‘Almost Famous’ to becoming a business partner with Fabletics, she has worked to help grow the company into a million dollar athleisure brand. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are the founders of Fabletics. They needed a representative to help them grow the business and immediately thought of Kate. They have been working together since 2013 to provide quality clothing and exceptional customer service. If you’re interested in trying Fabletics, visit their website and take the Lifestyle Quiz to find out which Fabletics gear best suits your needs.