Fitting in the Love - An Empty Cabinet

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What a site, my two middle children at play. See I have lots of cabinets in my kitchen, so many in fact I somehow ended up with an empty one. Honestly I didn't really know this until yesterday. I should have realized when I never had to go into it for anything. So yesterday Lizard was being nosey and opening cabinets. When she saw this one was empty she stopped and just looked at me, I think at the time I was putting away dishes. I told her it was okay and that she could explore some more.

My little girl was thrilled, she got to do something I normally would not allow. She played on her own for a few minutes, of course brother saw what was going on. He knew normally this would not be allowed. I stayed right there with the two of them the entire time. It was lots of fun for the two of them.

I dig this picture, somehow it got flipped, but it shows very well how much fun they had. This was before the discovered they fit with the doors closed, eventually though they discovered the fun of closing the doors and a new way to play peek-a-boo.

This fun went on for about 20 minutes. I got to enjoy watching them giggle and laugh the whole time. We had a talk about how this is only done when mommy can be there to share in the fun. I even made Bubba take his shoes to play in there. It was worth it for all the giggles, smiles, and love. How can you not love your kids when you get to spend quality time like this with them. Miss Muppet enjoyed watching them play from her bumbo, her favorite part being when they played peek-a-boo.


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