Being a Dad to a growing young woman is not always easy. The preteen years are now upon me and I am having varying levels of success dealing with my twelve year old twin daughters. Despite the difficulties, I have managed to give them a pretty decent base. My Dad was of immeasurable help to me both in advice as well as example. I like to think that I pass along half as much to my beautiful ladies.

With that said, the lessons come fast and furious while they are young and teaching opportunities can pass us by quickly. Knowing the things that matter can be very helpful and I was lucky to have a Dad that prepared me for such things. Here are five lessons that every father should teach his daughter before she becomes a teenager:


There are some things that Daddy can't fix

Daddys are strong and are going to use that strength to save their daughters whenever possible. Those muscles are powerful indeed and it is a good thing for a little girl to know the power of Daddy's love. That said, it is also important that they realize there are some things Daddy is unable to fix.  When her heart is broken, Daddy can't take away the pain. He can hold her and console her, but the pain will remain. That realization is better served before the hurt rather than after.


Respecting herself is far more important than fitting in

Other girls are going to want her to do things she should not to fit in. That much is a certainty in today's world, no matter how cleanly she might live her life. How she handles those moments will determine a big part of her future. If she has a healthy respect for herself and understands her worth, she will be much less likely to follow the crowd. Teach her to be the example and to always put her own self-respect first.


Boys view her differently than she views herself

Teen girls think they know boys and what they are thinking about. The vast majority really have no clue. Only a man that was once a boy really knows and it is scary. Why do you think most men get so frightened when their daughters become young women? They once had those thoughts too and are expecting repercussions. Make sure they understand that the innocent mind that they might have is no protection against a boy who has raging hormones. Talk about these things and power through the discomfort. You will need to have that type of relationship with your daughter to survive high school. Open the lines of communication and leave them open with regular conversations....about everything.


Your passion can power your life

Too many Dads push for what is safe. I get it. I really means that your daughter will have a career that pays the bills, takes care of herself, etc....

If your daughter is miserable, none of that means squat. The bottom line your daughter should know is to find her passion in life. If she finds what she is passionate about, the rest will fall into place. Naturally pursuing your love in life will lead to success pretty much every single time. Support your kid and put your own fears to the is for living.


In the end, loving each other is the key to happiness

Your daughter needs this lesson above all others. You have spent years showing her how much you care and stepping in when she is feeling alone. You have shown her how to love others. Make sure she knows that this template for life is the one that Jesus laid out for us all those years ago.

The gift of knowing God and welcoming Him into her life is the best gift you can give your daughter. His love surpasses all and will make sure this template stays true throughout her life....

He is the one person that loves her more than you do.