FunBites make mealtime fun for toddlers!

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If you are a parent, there is a better than average chance you have dealt with a finicky eater at some point in your life. Even the luckiest of parents run into it, so there is nothing to feel ashamed of. What if there were a product that could literally make your kids look forward to healthy foods? That is what FunBites pretty much offers us in their advertising and I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical. Not many things get by my five-year-old.

Like most parents, however, I was curious.

The product certainly has a good pedigree. FunBites were featured prominently on the television show Shark Tank and has blossomed into a very popular product. Most of the time, products that fail at the things they are advertised to do will not become so popular so fast. That said, I went ahead and bought a couple of the FunBites products.

Out of the boxb2ap3_thumbnail_11426378_10152794849991784_2759038254100904168_n.jpg

Right away, I was surprised at how well made the items were. We got the squares and it was solid and well put together. Though plastic, they do have a very durable feel to them and are unlike other cutter products I have seen.

Product Performance

Simplicity. I love simple things that work. FunBites are about as simple as you get and you can create all kinds of neat little designs with the various shapes you cut. Whether it is sandwiches, vegetables, fruits or something else entirely, the product is extremely simple to use. You place it over the food, push and then out pops some really cute little bite-sized bits of colorful food.

While I certainly loved them, I did have my doubts about whether the “cuteness” factor or being different would change my child’s opinion about cantaloupe. Inexplicably my six-year-old hates the stuff and I have tried pretty much everything to get her to like this family favorite. I like to buy things that we all love so I don’t feel like I am wasting and she is the only one not on board with the loupe.

After making a wonderfully adorable design of cantaloupe squares and watermelon (loves it) triangles in the shape of a building, I set the plate in front of her. She looked at it with an interested glance and then immediately started playing “house” with a couple of spare building squares. Apparently she was using them as the people in the situation.

After a few minutes of this play, she eventually started eating the house from top to bottom, stopping occasionally to toss one at the dog. At the end of the session, she had either eaten every bite or tossed it to the dog. (Only a couple of bites were for the dog)

Success! Ironically, she did not even seem to notice what the food was. It was more about the shapes and playing with them. I guess that is the great thing about FunBites….simplicity for us parents!

I call this one a big time win!

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