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I received free product/compensation as part of a promotional program with Gerber and MomSelect to facilitate this review but all opinions expressed are my own.

In a toddler’s world full of “No,” Gerber® Graduates has created an opportunity for you to be able to say “Yes!” to your little one! When mom is happy and baby is happy, they call that a win-win moment. Currently, Gerber® is running a win-win promotion that is super easy. Simply buy 10 Gerber® Graduates® items during one shopping trip; take a photo of your receipt, like I did here and upload it at


They will then send you a free custom bib for your little one along with colorful NUK accessories. I’m waiting for mine to arrive now and had a lot of fun exploring with my son in the process. I’ve shared below some of my experience with the products to hopefully help you make your purchases. Here’s to more win-win moments for mother and child!

I hope I’m not the only first time mom who had a minor panic attack when my baby graduated to table food. Despite my child’s pediatrician specifically walking me through the appropriate food I could feed my son, I still felt paralyzed by the transition. I had grown accustomed to and comfortable with the ease of pureed baby food – both knowing he wouldn’t choke and the confidence of the exact portion size. I’m not good at “winging it” and needed some more guidance in knowing the types, sizes and amounts of food that would be appropriate for him, so I found the Gerber® Graduates® line to be an easy reassurance for me as we made this transition from baby food to table food. Of course, every child has their own quirks and preferences, but here is what worked and what didn’t at our dinner table.

I will note that the Gerber® Graduates® website states that the meal selections are designed for Toddlers and children aged two and older and my child only just turned one. I used the indicators on the top right of all of the Gerber® food products that said “Crawler” or “Toddler” as a guide for when he could tolerate each item. 


b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-3.JPGThe meals were especially helpful for me in figuring out portion size for my baby (or, I guess toddler now – sniff!). The smaller portion size is called Lil Meals™ and mostly consists of pasta options like Mac & Cheese, Spaghetti Rings in Meat Sauce and White Turkey Stew with Rice & Vegetables. I obviously wouldn’t give him pasta every day for lunch, but I used these a lot for days when I was out of ideas, in a rush or using a baby sitter, so I didn’t have to explain in any detail what my son needed to eat that day – just leave one of these out to be microwaved for 20 seconds. Easy enough!

The Lil’ Entrees® are larger portions and typically consist of an entrée with a vegetable side like Mashed Potatoes & Gravy with Roasted Chicken & Carrots, Yellow Rice & Chicken with Vegetables in Sauce with Green Beans & Carrots, and Chicken & Brown Rice with Vegetables in BBQ Sauce with Peas & Corn. Again, it was a nice visual reminder for me of what portion sizes were appropriate for my son. Sometimes he would clean out the entire tray and other times he would eat about half, but at least I was confident in knowing I was giving him enough food. Also great for those night when I’m running out the door and my husband asks, “Honey, what should he eat for dinner tonight!” The packaging indicates that these are good for when your toddler is learning to use a spoon, but we are not quite there yet and I am not patient enough to deal with the mess that would entail at this point, so we still fed him when using these.

The Pasta PickUps® however were the perfect thing to let him start feeding himself. I was starting to get concerned about my son developing his pincer grasp and, while a little slippery, these were a good tool in helping him to do that. I always cut them in half but they are already a small size and slipped easily down his throat when he forgot to use his teeth and chew which is often. I avoided the flavors with tomato sauce because of the mess but the other options freed me up to be able to feed myself or do something else while he ate. The Veggie Pick-Ups were not as successful in my house. My child has some sensory obsessions and after trying both the diced carrots and apples, I discovered he couldn’t get past the texture to be able to feed himself.


I’ve never been much of a breakfast eater myself, so taking the time to prepare breakfast for someone else wasn’t going to be easy to fit into my morning routine. On weekday mornings when I just didn’t have the time, both the Cereal Bars and the Breakfast Buddies were a helpful fix (as well as the Graduates Yogurt options). The hot cereal with fruit only required 20 second of microwave time while the cereal bars were easy for me to pinch up and let him feed himself while I was running around getting everything ready for the day.




The Graduate Grabbers are great for on-the-go-feeding and once my son figured out that he needed to squeeze the package a little to get some yummy fruit, he seemed to love it. Of course a little monitoring is in order at the younger age because they can be a little too much fun to squeeze and play with. It also took me a few uses before discovering that they contain two servings of fruit per pouch, so now I refrigerate half for the following day.









I know I’m not the only one that has used Puffs as a pacifier for my child. With 60 pieces for serving, I give him these anytime I need him to just pipe down and I let him go to town on them without feeling guilty. He has yet to meet a flavor he doesn’t love. Above all else, these have been a lifesaver in the car and on walks around the park where he gets bored.

He’s also partial to the Lil’ Crunchies which come in a variety of flavors like Mild Cheddar, Apple & Sweet Potato, and Ranch. These are the consistency of a cheese puff and trust me, he LOVES them, but I try to reserve their use a little as a special treat.

Surprisingly, none of the cookie varieties were a hit in our house. I assumed because my child loves to eat that he would lose his mind when he finally got his hand on a cookie but it just hasn’t taken off yet for him. The Yogurt Melts, however, I keep in large supply in my house. I give him several as his “dessert” every day after dinner so he can feed himself and be distracted while I clean up.

Again, every child is different but for the most part we’ve had great success with the Gerber Graduates line of products. At an affordable price point, go ahead and try 10 products if your curious and upload your win-win moment for some free items!


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