Graeter's French Pot Cheese Crown Flavored Ice Cream Review

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Every now and then you come across something so unique and tasty that you simply have to tell people about it. Graeter's French Pot Cheese Crown Flavored Ice Cream certainly qualifies. At first I was not sure how I felt about a cheese flavored ice cream. Cheese is awesome of course, and so is ice cream...but together? Being the open minded individual that I am when it comes to trying things, I decided to give it a shot. This ice cream was wonderfully unique and delicious from the first bite to the last. 

This ice cream flavor is based off of what is called a cheese crown. This is actually a Danish that looks rather delectable in it's own right, but I digress. This cheese crown danish is reproduced here in the ice cream and gives the treat it's flavor. It is loaded with cheese danish, cinnamon sugar pastry pieces and fondant icing flakes to make the flavor just burst. 

What I liked the most about this ice cream was that it is not short on the toppings. In fact, the toppings are the star of the show. You actually see bits of pastry, the flakes and so on. It gives the ice cream a bit of a crunchy texture to go along with the traditional smooth of the ice cream. 

The one disclaimer I might add here is that you need to really like cheese flavor to enjoy this. While the first reaction might be that cheese and ice cream do not mix, that is a mistake. It mixes incredibly well in this dish. The cinnamon is not particularly strong here, but the flavor is still rich and sweet. If you like an ice cream that you take your time with, then you need to give Graeter's Cheese Crown a try. This ice cream is definitely one to curl up on the couch with and take your time. 

Here is their website for more info and buying opportunities. 

My particular recommendation is a huge thumbs up for this awesome flavor and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.