Great Father's Day Gift Idea - The Active Top by SIGG!

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SIGG Switzerland's latest innovation, the Active Top bottle, is a great gift idea for the outdoorsy Dad.  If you are anything like me, you wait until the last week before getting something for your dad or your husband for Father's Day!  It just sort of sneaks up on us.  But, SIGG is here to help with a clever approach to the everyday water bottle! 



The Active Top by SIGG will prove to be a durable and diverse water vessel for any father who values health and fitness and loves the outdoors. The new Active Top has a rotary slide valve control system, implemented for the first time on a SIGG bottle, which combines an intelligent flow rate. It's equipped with an Open, Close, Air and Clean function that helps dictate what mode you want to be in. By turning the bottle top, the rotary slide valve system opens a small aperture to release pressure from drinks, avoiding a low flow or overflow. By turning the valve to the "Air" mode for a nano-second and then to "Open," you will have a seamless suction and flow even with carbonated or effervescent beverages. The rotary slide valve system facilitates an optimal flow cross section for immediate refreshment. All of this without having to tilt or lift the bottle due to the internal straw system that will always deliver your beverage.  My husband loves all the features, just like he loves cars that have a ton of buttons and gears!  I think it is a guy thing! :)

It has very few components, making it quick and easy to dismantle and reassemble.  In the convenient "Clean" mode, the top will pop right off ensuring safe and hygienic cleaning. In the "Close" position, the bottle is virtually leakproof, even if you turn it on its head.  This is great for those who have younger children who want to have their turn.  The integrated straw gives you easy access to your beverage without having to lift or tilt your bottle.  The Active Top is extremely light weight, durable and completely BPA and phthalate free. Due to it's aluminum composition, it is completely recyclable at the end of it's long life.


The Active Top collection is currently available for purchase at and nationwide in various retailers and priced between $26.99-$28.99 depending on size (available in 0.6L, 0.75L and 1 liter sizes).  You may view and learn all about the Active Top at