HAAN SI75 Power & Finesse Steam Cleaner

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Today is Day 1 of our 2013 Holiday Guide and I couldn't be happier to be telling you about theReview

HAAN Power & Finesse Steam Cleaner! I know, many of you are thinking this is not the kind of gift you want. You are SO wrong! This thing is absolutely amazing. I am completely in love with it. 


I absolutely hate to mop. Hate it! Buying a house full of laminate and tile wasn't the best idea in the world...but my hubby is great at mopping (one of the reasons I married him) so we went for it. I also asked for and received a steam mop not long after we moved in. We had two babies with reflux and a lot of messes to clean up! I thought that my steam mop did a good job but it was heavy and the head of it wasn't very large.

It became a pain to use and disappeared into the depths of my closet. Because of this I wasn't very sure what I was going to think of the HAAN Power & Finesse Steam Cleaner but was willing to give it a try! 


First of all, let me tell you that this is NOT just a Steam Mop. It is a Steam Cleaner. It comes not only with the mop head but also with a carpet glide attachment, Shoulder Strap, Extra long Extension Hose, Angled Nozzle, Wire Scrubbing Brush and Mini Steam Head with Cleaning Bonnet. As well as a Floor Protector Resting Mat. You can clean just about anything in your house with this system.  But for me the kitchen floor was the thing to tackle!


I let it get extra dirty (for testing purposes, ya know) and yesterday I pulled out my fancy new Steam Cleaner to see what would happen.


Let me just tell you..MIRACLES happened! I had it put together in under a minute. I noticed how large the 2 Ultra Micro-Fiber Cleaning Pads were immediately. They are a great size and reusable as well. The water bottle pops out easily and holds enough for about 20 minutes of cleaning. It also has a machine powered pump, 15 steam jets that disperse 212º steam across a wide cleaning path, a low-profile, swiveling head, and mop pad that leaves the floor almost dry.



I added water, sat it on the Floor Protector Resting Mat and 20 seconds later the steam was ready! You just lay one of the cleaning pads down and sit your mop on it and it immediately sticks. 

Lately we have had a lot of grape juice spills and the cleanup has been less than stellar. I find little sticky spots on the floor a lot. I left some there and let the sticky get dirty so I could see how easily it would clean.


 What would normally take me some elbow grease and cleanser came up with one swipe of the HAAN Power and Finesse Steam Cleaner.


Did I mention that I am in love? Not only does it do a quick job of cleaning it also uses Smart Steam Technology to kill 99.9% of germs, bacteria, & dust mites. I haven't even had a chance to try the handheld piece of it but I am actually looking forward to cleaning the shower in the boy's bathroom this weekend with it! I did test how easily it pops out and how it felt when placed back into the mop unit and am happy to tell you that it works very well! 


Want to hear the best part of this for YOU? We have a coupon code you can use to go buy one for yourself RIGHT NOW! Go here and use the code MOMMYNEST13 - will get you $20 off the SI-75 starting November 1st, ending November 13th.


We also are hosting a giveaway with some friends! Enter below for YOUR chance to win!

Giveaway ends November 10th at Noon EST! 


MARGARET RICHIE you are the proud owner of a HAAN Steam Cleaner!