Heilala Vanilla

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The ideal gift for bakers!

The partnership of two Pacific families, united by a passion for the world’s most sensual and exotic flavour and aroma.

Behind this most intoxicating vanilla lies a story. What started as a gift of land from a Tongan chief turned into an aid project and then a flourishing business.  Our family was lured by the unspoiled beauty of the Vava’u Islands in the Kingdom of Tonga and the beautiful people.  Using our horticultural background and research facilities in Tauranga New Zealand, a Vanilla Plantation came to pass.

The richest grade of Vanilla in the Asia Pacific region calls for lots of tender love and care. The most perfect and natural growing environment meant that we were off to a good start. Add to this our organic growing principles and you get vanilla grown in organic virgin soil, on coconut husk frames, hand pollinated and dried under the Pacific Sun, then stored at optimum conditions to ensure full flavour develops.  This is what gives our 100% Pure Heilala Vanilla (of the Bourban variety) its distinctive aroma, shine and plumpness!

Heilala Vanilla (pronounced “hey-la-la”) began as an aid project by New Zealand dairy farmer John Ross to assist a village in one of the world’s most beautiful and remote places-Vava’u Islands in the Kingdom of Tonga.  Ross and his family fell in love with the Tongan people and environment.  He subsequently used their horticultural background and research facilities in Tauranga, New Zealand to establish a vanilla plantation.  In 2005, Heilala Vanilla was born.

The Heilala Vanilla story centers around a partnership of people united by a passion for one of the world’s most sensual and exotic flavors and aromas.  See more on Heilala Vanilla here: http://animoto.com/play/IpMhn03I0BJZR1CHuoeZLg

Heilala Vanilla is grown in organic virgin soil on coconut husk frames, hand pollinated and dried under the Pacific sun.  It is then stored at optimum conditions to ensure the development of full flavor before heading to Tauranga, New Zealand where it is used to make a range of the most exquisite, premium vanilla products for specialty retail, chefs and gourmet food manufacturers.

Where Does the Name Heilala Come From/What Does It Mean?

Heilala is the national flower of Tonga and is unique as it changes color from white to red when placed in salt water. b2ap3_thumbnail_vanilla.jpg

Heilala Vanilla Products:

  • Heilala Vanilla Beans (2 bean tube)                       Recommended retail: $12.99
  • Heilala Vanilla Extract (50 ml bottle)                      Recommended retail: $10.99          
  • Heilala Vanilla Paste (60 ml jar)                             Recommended retail: $11.99
  • Heilala Vanilla Sugar (330 gm pouch)                    Recommended retail: $10.95
  • Heilala Vanilla Syrup (250 ml bottle)                      Recommended retail: $14.95
  • Heilala Vanilla Bean ground Powder(30 gm jar)        Recommended retail: $16.95

*All products are available in larger sizes for food service use             

Where is Heilala Vanilla Sold?

  • Heilala Vanilla products are available for purchase at Sprouts Farmers Markets and Earth Fare stores, Bristol Farms in Northern and Southern California, Oliver's Markets in Northern California and online atfood52.com, OpenSky, Chefshop.commenusandmusic.comSweetwise.com (online and at their Nashville store location) and heilalavanilla.com.

What variety is Heilala Vanilla?

Heilala Vanilla is of the Bourbon variety, often called Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla. Madagascar variety are considered to be the best quality, described as creamy, sweet, and rich.


  • 2014 sofi™ Finalist in the “Dessert or Dessert Topping” category-Heilala Vanilla Syrup
  • 2012 Australia Food Magazine Confectionary Award for Heilala Vanilla Syrup
  • 2011 NZ Food Awards-Winner "Food Export” and “Food Enterprise Innovation Award”
  • 2011 Australian Food Challenge Awards-Heilala Vanilla Paste finalist three categories
  • 2011 New Zealand Ice Cream Awards-Gold medal for Heilala Vanilla Ice Cream (made by Zest) Premium Vanilla category
  • 2011 Cuisine Magazine Artisan Food Award-Heilala Vanilla Paste
  • 2010 New Zealand Food Awards-Heilala Vanilla Paste-Gourmet Food Award


About Heilala Vanilla Ltd.

Founded in 2002, New Zealand-based Heilala Vanilla Ltd., is a grower, manufacturer and distributor of a premium line of award-winning vanilla products.  The Heilala Vanilla range includes Heilala Vanilla Beans, Vanilla Extract, Vanilla Paste, Vanilla Sugar, Vanilla Powder and Vanilla Syrup.  Heilala’s Vanilla plantation is located in the Vava’u Islands, Kingdom of Tonga.  Heilala Vanilla is the only vanilla in the world that is direct from plantation to pantry with no traders or outside distributors.  Heilala abides by Fair Trade practices and is recognized by the local Agriculture Ministry in Tonga as a true example of a Pacific partnership in practice.  Heilala products are sold in New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and the United States.  For more information on Heilala Vanilla visit www.heilalavanilla.com

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Here are some great recipes for Super Bowl Sunday or Valentine's Day! 

Heilala Vanilla Cranberry Punch

Cranberry juice filled about 3/4 of glass

1 teaspoon Heilala Vanilla Syrup

1/4 squeezed lemon or lime juice

Soda water and ice to fill glass to top

Stir and garnish with fresh cranberries and mint

For an alcoholic option - add one shot of lemon or vanilla infused vodka- delicious!


Homemade Vanilla Custard by the glass

Smooth vanilla-scented heaven in a glass.

Makes: 2 ½ cupsb2ap3_thumbnail_QS160_999_49.jpg

1 Heilala Vanilla Bean, split

2 cups full cream milk

6 egg yolks

2 tablespoons super  fine sugar

1 tablespoon Heilala Vanilla sugar for sprinkling

Scrape the vanilla bean seeds into the milk in a heavy-based saucepan. Add the vanilla bean and heat until the milk is hot but not boiling. Leave to infuse for 5-10 minutes.

In a bowl mix together the egg yolks and sugar, then add the infused milk, stirring constantly.  Wipe out the saucepan and return the mixture.

Cook over a low to moderate heat, stirring constantly until the custard thickens enough to lightly coat the wooden spoon.

Pour custard into a clean bowl, sprinkle with vanilla sugar to prevent a skin forming. Leave to cool, then cover and refrigerate. Remove vanilla bean before serving.

Serve vanilla custard in glasses or pour into a jug and serve with poached fruit.