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I've tried local produce delivery companies and I have tried kid craft subscription boxes but this was my first try of a meal delivery service. I was intrigued to say the least. HelloFresh makes cooking healthy, delicious meals easy for everyone! They have vegetarian choices as well as regular meals. Since my kids are odd eaters I decided to look at choices for just the hubby and I.  I loved the choices available and the concept. 


First let me tell you how it works! You create your account on HelloFresh and then you get to choose which box (regular or veg) you would like and how many you will be feeding (2 or 4).  There will be 5 meals to choose from (you are choosing meals for 3 days) which allows you the opportunity to choose what you know you like or what you might like to try! Then you sit back and wait for fresh food to be delivered to your door.  


Our box arrived very nicely packed and everything inside was very cold. The recipe cards were easily read and each food item was packaged and marked so that it was clear which recipe it pertained to. 





Of the meals we prepared our favorite was the Dill Crusted Tilapia with Sweet Potato and Cranberry Medley. Oh My YUM! 


The recipe card is very nice. It is a nice thick cardstock with easy to read and simple directions and even has photos to show you how to prepare your meal.


I wasn't certain the hubby would like the Sweet Potato and Cranberry Medley. I was pleasantly surprised that he did! 



HelloFresh is a very interesting concept. It gives you a good reason to try new things rather than being stuck in the same old rut. It saves you from searching for the best and most fresh ingredients at the grocery.  The step by step recipe cards help even a novice to cook a gourmet meal. 


Want to give it a try yourself? Would you like to try Hello Fresh? Use coupon code FELE5P for $20 off your first order. 


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