Honest Chat from our moms about Honest Tea and Honest Kids

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We were given the opportunity to sample some products from Honest Tea and Honest Kids and wanted to share our 'Honest' opinions! Honest Tea has some great-tasting, healthy, organic beverages and our moms were excited to take part in the sampling!



 We asked: Which was your favorite flavor of Honest Tea? Why?

Tammy: The White peach tea was the favorite: tasted fresh, great flavor but not too strong, and tasted liked "real" tea. My kids like the grape pouch drink the best because of the yummy grape flavor and fun pouch. The second favorite was the pomegranite(sp) and it had a mild flavor of blueberries added which was nice. We did not care for their sweet tea.


June: My fave was the Pomegranite but I thought they were all good. I wonder if they offer Diet options though, as I am a Diet drinker

Angie:  There are a few "zero calorie" options...can't remember the flavors. I haven't tried any of the samples yet, but I don't think I have ever had an Honest Tea or Kids pouch flavor that I didn't like or that my kids didn't like....they are a MD company so it was everywhere when we lived up there.

 Lena: I had the pomegranite one and it was good, not too sweet, I don't like unsweet tea and it was just enough sweet to make it perfect. I absolutely loved the (not too) sweet tea, it's my favorite of the two. Hubby drank the white peach one and he really liked it.
Mindy: I got a chance to try the adult pomegranate blueberry drink last night and I liked it. It kind of reminded me of Vitamin Water, with that very light flavoring added to a largely water drink. Again, love that there's no HFCS in it.
Katharine: So far we have had the pomegranate "Ade" I was not a fan, however my husband loved it, as did the kids, but then I am the worst judge because I don't do even Gatorade.

I liked the peach tea and normally I am not a fan of peach tea.

Mindy: I had the peach tea this morning. I love fruit teas that taste like the fruits and not the sugar added to make them sweet OR like the tea is overpowering the fruit. This tea does that nicely. It's obviously tea with peach in it, but the tea is more of a subtle undertone to the delicious peach flavors. It's also pretty awesome that the peaches are from the US and organically-grown, with no GMOs in the tea whatsoever- that actually makes a huge bonus in my book. I'd actually buy this tea, because it tasted so good.
Robyn: I thought the Not Too Sweet Tea was great but my favorite was the Peach Tea. It was truly refreshing on a hot summer day!
We asked: What do your kids think of the juices? Do you like the pouches they are in?
Tammy: Yep, the grape are their favorite and Elaina said they are "nummy"! The juice pouces are easy to insert straw.
Angie: We love the juice pouches here....the kids love all the flavors with grape being the front runner. They are portable which is nice....and I feel you have a little more "grab" room to help prevent spillage from squeezy little hands.
Mindy: I am not a big fan of this type of pouch for kids' drinks, though I agree that this particular one has more "grab" room than competitors'. I feel like it's easy to puncture them and cause leakage, so I don't consider them portable like a box-style container.

The Fruit Punch is a little busy on the fruit flavors. In fact, at first I thought maybe it had a heavy dose of grapefruit juice, but maybe it's the pineapple combined in with everything else. Still very drinkable, though not a favorite with DS. I like that it's not overwhelmingly sweet. I LOVE that there's no HF Corn Syrup anywhere- a rarity and a reason we don't buy many kids' drinks.
Whitney: I love giving the juices to my 18 month old. Since they are organic and low on sugar I don't feel like he is getting something unhealthy like I do with many juices!
Katharine: My kids love the juice pouches. But then we don't do pouch drinks often so this was a real treat.
Mindy: Ian loves the apple flavor pouch. I like that it's 30% juice instead of just 10%, but that it has plenty of water to tone down the over-powering sweet that pure apple juice can have. This is what we usually do with juice, anyway- add a large amount of water to the juice to cut the sweet.

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