How Do We Send Kinder Kids to School This Year?

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It was getting close to bedtime and as usual we try to read a book or two.  My four year old daughter loves books more than my ten and five year old.  We have some children’s books to review written by Danielle Linder an educator, children’s book author, award winning woman entrepreneur and visionary, changing the landscape for early childhood education.  We tried to get my five year old to pay attention to Sofia the Snail since he sometimes has some too dark issues.  The illustrations in all of her books are beautifully made and kept everyone wanting to know the story.  We always flip through a book and then read it.  In Sofia the Snail you hear about monsters and things that are scary to any child at some point in life.  We had some slight trouble keeping the attention of all three children due to the length of the story but in the end they all enjoyed it. 

Koby is the Kangaroo the little blue kangaroo who worried all day.  Poor Koby reminds me of my five year old who worries
about everything and everyone.  He even told his Mom he wanted to stop worrying.  It was actually starting to bother him that he worries so much.  Danielle writes this sweet story in a way to make Koby feel better and it really shows other kids about worrying as well.  This book as well had beautiful illustrations and full of color! 

We also read two other helpful books.  One was Betsy Bee who is the little bee who learned how to share and care in preschool.  The other story is Rupert who was the Little Adopted Puppy who lived in a house with a panda, a turtle, a pig and a mouse.  I have to say I was most excited to read this one since I am adopted and I wanted to teach my kiddos more about it as well.  He is accepted into his new family.  If you want to read more than just these she has also written Tango, The Little Turtle Who Was Afraid to Go to School and Arabelle, The bat with the most wonderful pink glasses. 


All of Danielle’s books are to help our children deal with social, emotional, and other issues that they may deal with.  You never know what our children may deal with but these books can help without knowing that they help.  Here is hoping that she may come out with books for all age children to deal with their issues as well!!  Her well written and beautifully illustrated books are a godsend.  I can see them being used for years to come to help our little ones overcome their struggles.