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When they tell you how wonderful being a parent will be, they often leave off the part of toys cluttering every inch of your home. Rarely is it mentioned the midnight injuries from stumbling over a Barbie doll or mountain of Legos to find your crying child who woke up with a nightmare. How To Keep Toys Organized may seem like it is impossible, but these simple rules are sure to help you make this dream a reality. The most important part will be to stick with your plan and include everyone in the family so nobody slips up along the way and lets a room or a child fall back into old habits.


PURGE BROKEN TOYS. One of the first steps toward tackling disorganization in a toy bin or your kids rooms is to get rid of the broken pieces. Sometimes it can be tough when a child thinks they should save every little item, but this is a place you have to stand your ground. If it is missing pieces that can't be replaced or is broken and beyond repair – it needs to be thrown away. Stand your ground and remove the broken items immediately.

SORT BY TYPE OF TOY. Placing all toys in one giant bin leaves your child with a struggle to find what they want to play with. It can also lead to them leaving toys scattered around their room since they have such a hard time finding what they want. Start with sorting all toys into sections. Small action figures or dolls, cars & trucks, puzzles, games, outdoor toys, etc. can all go into different bins as needed. Check into using individual totes for different toys or one of these fun little shelves with multiple storage bin options.


DISCIPLINE FOR LEAVING TOYS OUTSIDE THEIR PROPER HOME. If you find a toy in an area of the home it shouldn't be, don't let your child get away with it. Keep the toy for a period of time for punishment, throw it away or donate it. Remove their “play” privileges for a few days if it becomes a consistent problem. Even at only a year old a child can understand when you tell them to clean up and put their toys in their home.

FREQUENTLY EVALUATE AND DONATE. New toys come into your home from birthdays, holidays and rewards. In the process of new toys coming in, take the time to evaluate what isn't being played with and donate those items to someone else who can use them instead. At least once a quarter spend an afternoon going through the toy bins to determine what should go and what should stay.

USE UNDER BED AND OVER BED STORAGE. For items that aren't used as frequently like baseball bats, balls or even the dozens of stuffed animals collected, use under bed and over bed storage. You can find many styles of under bed storage bins, hanging mesh bags or shelving and more for great prices to help keep toys organized.


BUY SHELVING FOR BOOKS AND CRAFT SUPPLIES. Coloring books, crayons, paints and books can quickly get damaged if thrown into a toy bin. Check into some small book shelves or rolling storage carts for your kids books and fun craft supplies. Not only will it protect them from damage, it will keep them organized so they are easy to find and access as needed.


A few simple steps can create a fun method of how to keep toys organized in your son or daughters bedroom. Removing toys from other ares of the house can help decrease clutter and frustration. Investing in proper storage can help clean up and keep the organization going for months and years to come with ease.

Amazon has all sorts of great toy storage solutions.  Some are child-themed and some are plain but there is certainly something for everyone! 

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