How to Keep You And Your Kids Safe When Using Pokemon Go

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Safety has to be a top priority when using any product, sporting equipment, or utilizing an exercise routine, and the same holds true now in the modern world of playing with game apps such as the new Pokemon Go app by Niantic. Below you will find a list of suggested items to keep on hand at all times when going on a Pokemon Go adventure whether during the day, at night, on a hike, riding your bike, or in the car. Each different environment may require different reasons to be both alert and cautious in order to keep your family safe while playing this fun, new app.
Suggested Safety/First Aid Items List:
  • First Aid Kit
  • Band Aids
  • Neosporin (or other antibiotic ointment)
  • Wet wipes (for cleaning hands before eating healthy snacks during your adventure, or for cleaning skinned knees, or elbows before applying antibiotic)
  • Bottled Waters (please, please always bring water with you to stay hydrated when out and about)
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat/Visor (for blocking sun or rain on your face and head)
  • Bright Colored Clothing (better for cars to see you during night hunts)
  • Neon/Reflective stickers/armbands or vest to wear when adventuring in the dark
  • Glow Necklaces, Bracelets, Glasses, Headbands, or other glow/flashing related items to help keep you visible to cars at night
  • Flashlight
  • Headband Flashlight for night adventuring and better vision/improved lighting for pics
  • Bug Spray or Bug Repellant, or Bug Repellant Armbands/Bracelets
  • Portable Battery Charger for Cell Phone or Device
  • Enough Gas In Car (if adventuring by car)
  • Assign A “Chauffeur” if adventuring by car (the driver is not allowed to play the game themselves unless the vehicle is safely stopped)


Use Common Sense And Stay Disciplined For Safety Reasons

Using common sense comes into play here with the Pokemon Go app. Stay focused on your game screen too long and you b2ap3_thumbnail_p7.PNGare bound to trip, fall into a lake, walk into the road, or trespass on someone’s property unintentionally. Keep your eyes looking ahead of you and glance down periodically, or simply stop walking when you need to glance down at the app. The app is designed to make the device buzz or vibrate in your hand whenever a wild Pokemon appears right next to you, so there is no reason to not be keeping your eyes on what’s ahead and watching your step. If riding a bike, you will need to ride slowly and stop and put your feet down whenever the app buzzes that a Pokemon is near. Check your surroundings to make sure it’s a safe place to pause and attempt to capture a Pokemon. Be disciplined enough to realize some Pokemon are not worth catching if it puts you in an unsafe position in order to capture it. More Pokemon are always out there for you to catch later on.

Go Gym Battling With Friends
One of the many cool elements in the Pokemon Go app is the opportunity to go and battle Gyms either by yourself or with a couple friends who are all on the same Team as you are. This is a great suggestion, or strategy to offer your kids if they haven’t gotten to Level 5 yet to choose their Team. Being able to have all their friends on the same Team can be lots of fun as they can stay safe when adventuring together looking for wild Pokemon together on their adventures, and they will be more likely to stay safe when sitting/standing at Gyms for longer periods of time while try to battle with them. A bunch of buddies all battling the same Gym at the same time can take the Gym down fast and each of you should be able to get into the Gym as its new color and Defenders to earn the valuable Gold PokeCoins and Stardust as a Defender Bonus.
If you and your friends have already chosen different Teams to be loyal to, you can still have fun traveling to Gyms together and when you come across one that is close to being beaten, let the appropriate friend(s) beat that Gym and put their low CP Pokemon in it as its Defenders. Make sure they claim their Defender Bonus asap! Then you can come in with your color Team and easily beat their low CP Pokemon and become the new Gym Defender and claim your Defender Bonus. You can only claim the Defender Bonus once every 21 hours, but if you do this round robin type of Gym battle play with your friends, you will stay safer and still have a lot of fun while each of you get to earn your gold PokeCoins at least once that day.