How To Keep Your Kids Occupied on Snow Days

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With winter coming on full speed, it’s almost time to start experiencing some snow days! While snow days can be exciting for the kids (and parents!) who get to stay home, it can be tough to find something to keep everyone occupied on snow days. While most adults would enjoy a nice day full of relaxation, that’s usually the last thing on a kid’s mind! There are tons of ways to keep your kids occupied on snow days and this list is full of some of the best!

1. Impromptu game day - If you have a collection of board or card games, or even just a deck of playing cards, you can turn your snow day into a game day! Set up a series of games to play, making sure to switch them out fairly often so you can avoid boredom. With a simple deck of playing cards, there are tons of games you can play! If you have enough pennies and nickels, you can even use the change to make “bets” during a game of poker!

2. Living room campout - If you’re in the mood to have some fun, try having a campout in the living room! For added fun, you can bring mattresses out in the living room and have a giant bed to watch movies on all day. This is a huge hit with kids and can be a great way to spend time together and keep the kids occupied on snow days!

3. Open a “bakery” - If your kids love to help in the kitchen, you can run a pretend bakery for a day! Take “orders” from another family member and fill them! Bake anything from cookies to cupcakes and have a blast decorating them. It’s a great way to spend quality time together, and because baking is so messy, it can be a huge blast!

4. Host a “craft fair” - If you have crafty kids and have lots of crafty items in your household, you can host a huge imaginary craft fair. Have the kids make as many crafts as they can, set them up on tables, and have each of the kids go around and “purchase” their favorite crafts! You can even turn this into an activity to teach your kids about spending money and earning money! What kinds of activities do you like to do to keep your kids occupied on snow days?