How to Prepare your Child for Kindergarten

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Entering kindergarten is a huge milestone in your child’s life. Even if she attended daycare or preschool, kindergarten is the real deal, in a big school filled with many other students. Below are a few things you can do to help prepare your child for kindergarten!


1. Expand his social life

Don’t let kindergarten be the first real social outing your child gets to experience. Set up play dates with friends that have children ages similar to your own child. Get him used to following directions, interacting with other children, and learning teamwork and cooperation.

Enroll him in summer activities that involve another adult leading the event. Once that you can leave and pick him up after a couple hours are best, so he can learn to do things without you there.


2. Get a bedtime routine going

It’s important that children have a routine to get them in bed at a proper time each night. Once school starts, this routine becomes even more important so your little one can get the sleep he needs for a long day of school. Start practicing now, including getting the backpack ready and reading books.


3. Establish a morning routine

If your child stays home with you, developing a morning routine as soon as possible is important for those starting kindergarten. After five years of getting up, eating breakfast, and watching cartoons at his leisure, your child’s mornings are about to change!

At least one month before school starts, begin getting your child up at the normal school morning time. Have him get dressed, eat, and brush his teeth to be ready by the time you would need to take him to school. Creating the routine now makes school mornings easier once they get here.


4. Read every day

A great deal of Kindergarten will be learning to read. The teachers will begin with the ABCs, but they will likely move to sight words and practicing reading. Get your child familiar with books now by reading and discussing a few books each day.


5. Take a tour of the school

Before school starts, arrange a day for your child to tour his new school. Learn where the cafeteria, front office, library, and gymnasium are. If possible, let him visit his classroom and meet with his teacher. Getting familiar with his school surroundings will help make the transition easier.


6. Make sure he knows the basics

Most of what your child needs to know in kindergarten will be taught, but the more you teach before the school year starts, the easier that first year will be. Ensure your child knows his first and last name, address, and telephone number. Work on saying the ABCs and counting to 100. Help him practice writing his name as well as the alphabet.