Everything is AWESOME! : LEGO KidsFest Louisville, KY Review

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"Everything is Awesome!" This was definitely true for our visit to the LEGO KidsFest in Louisville, KY. There are five 4.5 hour sessions during this weekend long event. Different interactive play areas and activities in the LEGO KidsFest are sure to delight each member of your family! 

The LEGO Model Museum is where your family can see dozens of large-scale and miniature models and displays made entirely from LEGO bricks! Animals, super heroes, Star Wars characters, your favorite cartoon characters, and of course LEGO characters are just some of the amazing creations you can enjoy!

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One of the really neat things that my family experienced was the LEGO Master Builder Lab! Two LEGO Master Builders lead this informative session where you can learn new skills and then implement them in a building area after!

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The Big Brick Pile is exactly what is sounds like, a huge pile of Lego Bricks to build and create with! It's a dream for LEGO loves of all ages!



One of my daughter's favorite area was the LEGO Friends! There were models of some of the LEGO Friends characters made completely of LEGOS, plus a ton of the bricks, sets, and minifigs to build with!

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At the Nexo Knights section, you could create your own shield of power to add to the display!

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For the younger ones, there is the DUPLO Build Area and a Lego Juniors section. The Duplo area features large piles of Duplo bricks to build with, while the Juniors has scenes set up that children can add too and play with!

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Star Wars lovers not only could enjoy the characters in the Model Museum, but also participate in the LEGO Star Wars Hangar Bay Relay Race and visit the LEGO Star Wars area to build on their own!

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Fans of LEGO Mixels can create their own and then add it to the display case for others to enjoy all weekend!



My daughter's other favorite area was the LEGO Disney Princess section! A life size Cinderella made completely of LEGOS looks over the play area, which included elaborate castle set ups for everyone to "ooh and aww" over and then build their own versions!



The Construction Zone encouraged creativity and children could display their masterpieces once they were finished!

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The Art Gallery lets everyone become an artist starting with a blank slate to build a two-dimensional creation to add to the gallery wall!

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Some of the other fun and amazing parts of LEGO KidsFest included Brick Battle Zone, Creation Nation, LEGO Club, Challenge Zone, LEGO CityStudio, LEGO Ninjago, Race Ramps, Monochromatic Build, LEGO Dimensions and LEGO KidsFest Theatre. Four of the areas even handed out participation prizes of small LEGO sets or minifigs that you could take with you! There are also two merchandise areas, LEGO KidsFest Marketplace and LEGO Retail Store, so you can continue your LEGO fun at home!

LEGO KidsFest also has upcoming tour stops in Wisconsin, Texas, Ohio in 2016. I know my family is really hoping they come back to Louisville or a city nearby next year! Be sure to check it out if you have a chance -- your entire family will have a blast building and playing! To purchase tickets or for more information you can visit their website at: http://legokidsfest.com .