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b2ap3_thumbnail_jewel-300.jpgReviewAfter singer/songwriter Jewel had her baby, she used the Tupler Technique to get her body back into shape! Many moms are using the Tupler Technique to heal their diastasis.

Check out all this media coverage about the popular Tupler Technique:

b2ap3_thumbnail_media.JPGEven though it's used by celebrities like Jewel, and many moms, I personally had never heard of the Tupler Technique and even that you could have a diastasis.  I really wish that this was something that your doctor would discuss or mention at your 6 week postpartum appointment. They check to make sure your uterus is healing, but they don't check your abs.  For me this wasn't about losing the extra stomach flab and looking better in my clothes (although that has been a major plus!) it was wanting my core strength back so doing simple things like picking up toys or lifting my children didn't cause pain in my back.  As with anything, education is key, and I'm so glad I have found this program and I'm not more aware about this, so I can hopefully help other moms and tell them about diastasis rehab.