Losing my mommy tummy

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Things have been going well this week. I'm continuing the Tupler exercises and also trying to stick to an exercise routine. It's been difficult this week - my oldest started Kindergarten so we've been busy going shopping for supplies and going to open houses.

One victory this week was going down in clothing sizes. I had ordered some shirts online, and I have been wearing a 2XL shirt mainly to hide my belly. So when I was ordering them I knew I could fit into an XL but I got up the courage and ordered a Large. I was so nervous but to my surprise when it arrived and I tried it on, it fit and my stomach wasn't pooching out making me look like I was pregnant.

Same thing happened this morning as I was getting dressed. It was a little cooler so I picked out some jeans. I saw a pair that I couldn't wear this last Fall and for the heck of it I tried them on. They buttoned without a problem! I almost cried because the last time I tried to wear them I couldn't even zip them up or even button them.

I'm so glad I started this journey.