There is nothing more important to parents than keeping their child safe and in honor of Baby Safety Month in September, Chicco is educating parents about the importance of keeping kids riding rear-facing in the car!  The AAP recently released an updated recommendation around rear-facing car seat guidelines, removing age two as the benchmark and emphasizing that children should remain rear-facing until they’ve maxed out the height and weight limits for rear-facing use, as determined by the car seat manufacturer. 

We love that Chicco takes the time to educate parents on how to choose the best car seat for all ages on their website here:

They have provided several tips below from Chicco’s Child Passenger Safety Advocate Courtney Barry, CPST-I, around harness boosters.



  1. Maturity plays a critical role in the type of booster seat you should be using with your child.


Before transitioning your child from a forward-facing convertible car seat to a belt-positioning booster seat, you must feel confident that they are mature enough to sit upright, without playing with their seat belt and accidentally shifting it into an unsafe position, for the duration of your trip. For children that are not quite there yet, manufacturers like Chicco have created transitional seats that are designed to not only keep children safer longer, but also prioritizes their comfort, like the MyFit Harness + Booster.




  1. Harness boosters, like the MyFit, offer the safety benefits that come with having a 5-point harness.


Harness boosters, like the Chicco MyFit, offer added protection and security for little big kids that have outgrown their forward-facing convertible car seat but aren’t quite mature enough for a belt-positioning booster. This is because they utilize a 5-point harness, much like an infant or convertible car seat. The 5-point harness on harness boosters are designed with higher shoulder strap slots that allow taller children protection and security for longer, in a more comfortable position, until they are ready for the next step.




  1. Know your options and what to look for when it comes to selecting a car seat.


The best car seat is the one that fits your child, fits your car and that you’ll be able to use correctly every time. Do your research to learn what your options are, as there can be several different car seat paths to take depending on the size of your child. Car seats like the Chicco MyFit can be a great option when a child is too tall for their forward-facing convertible car seat, but are not fully ready to use a booster seat. There are also many car seats that grow with your child, which can help save money without compromising safety. The MyFit does just that, as it easily converts to a belt-positioning booster to accommodate years of growing.


We were able to determine that it was safe to turn our 2.5 year old around in their new MyFit Harness + Booster convertible carseat.  The MyFit is designed to keep little big kids comfortable and content with the security of a five-point harness. A nine-position extended headrest and easy transition to a belt-positioning booster accommodate years of growing.  This is one of the nicest car seats we have ever used, and with 3 boys between the ages of 2-12 we have used a lot!  LOL

b2ap3_thumbnail_seat_edited.jpg  b2ap3_thumbnail_43421443_10155593187876784_1965200283860467712_n.jpg


Right now we are using the seat in Harness Mode which is best for Toddlers between 25-65 lbs.  THis way we have a traditional 5-point harness which can easily grow with our little boy.  It is a padded, no-rethread system with a one-pull tightener and I love that I can tell it is super comfy for my little guy! Here we are after swim lessons, heading back home!  I also love that the design of this car seat isn't so wide that we can't fit three kids across my back seat!  Everyone fits well this way! 



The MyFit™ offers two layers of side-impact protection for the head and torso. Nine headrest positions and four recline positions support proper posture throughout every car ride.  Makes it comfortable for kids and gives parents peace of mind!  



For more information on how to choose the correct car seat for your kiddo, be sure to visit the Chicco website here --->