Are you committed to creating a New You in the New Year with healthier food options? 

Green BEAN Delivery (Biodynamic, Education, Agriculture, Nutrition) can help with that resolution by providing An online service that provides fresh produce and groceries right to your door!  Networked with the best local farmers and artisans, Green B.E.A.N. Delivery is proud to provide home delivery of organic produce & natural groceries to the Louisville community.  They provide a year round service that gives members a healthy alternative to conventional grocery stores.


The best part about this service is that you decide what produce and groceries you want by customizing your order.  Green BEAN Delivery is a membership-based service. In order to receive deliveries you will need to create an account. There are no sign-up or membership fees for our service. The only requirements for membership are a valid credit or debit card and a Standing Order totaling $35 or more. Your Standing Order consists of the Produce Bin you choose and the frequency of delivery, weekly or biweekly. You will have the opportunity to change and/or add to your order the weekend before you are scheduled for delivery.

I customized my bin and ordered lots of apples and bananas because it seems like the kids both eat one of each a day, so we go through them fast. I ordered organic Spinach for the smoothies I make everyday!  It is easy to freeze and a good, healthy option.  I ordered potatoes to make mashed potatoes because my 2 year old eats them like they are going out of style!  I even got baby carrots for the kids’ lunchboxes! It was so easy and convenient to not have to get out in this cold weather we have been having to go to the grocery store.

Most everything that Green Bean offers is organic.  Organic foods often times taste better and contain more essential nutrients than conventional foods. Conventional foods can carry harmful pesticides, so reducing your family’s exposure to these harmful chemicals leads to a reduction of risk that ranges from food allergies to cancer.  Organic foods help reduce the amount of agricultural chemicals that affect wildlife and water quality, and organic produce also protects one of our nation’s most valuable resources – top soil. Organic farmers add natural fertilizers to their farms each year to keep their soil healthy and alive.

b2ap3_thumbnail_gbd2.jpgGreen BEAN Delivery members can choose from one of five different produce bins.  These bins vary in price and content.  Each week GBD will select a mix of seasonal produce for each bin.  You may choose to go with their mix or customize your bin to better suit your preferences and needs.  Members can change the produce in their bin the weekend before their scheduled delivery. They generally have around 40 different produce options each week.  During the spring, summer and fall, you will see more local produce choices.  In addition to the produce bin, members can add groceries or a la carte produce to their orders. There is a wide selection of all-natural and organic groceries including local dairy, eggs, meats, bread, bulk kitchen staples, artisan foods and much more!

I love their website.  You can logon with your kids to show them the Veggie Fresh Crew – where they introduce all sorts of vegetable and fruit characters.  You can even download coloring sheets!  The entire site is very user friendly.  You can sign-up by clicking the Sign-Up Now link. Simply fill in all of the fields of the sign-up form and click SUBMIT at the bottom of the page. You then must select the Produce Bin of your choice and the Delivery Schedule that you would prefer (weekly or biweekly).  This is called your Standing Order.  Once you have completed your online registration, you will be notified of your account activation within two business days.


For further information check out their sites at:


Mommy Nest members can receive $15 off your first order for the next week only!  Use the promo code: “15TMNml” at checkout! 

* Expires 01/19/2015.  For new members and re-activations only.