One of our flock took their family to Entertrainment Junction!

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Okay so I have found a wonderful community with The Mommy Nest. I was given the opportunity through them to check out Entertrainment Junction. Now my son has discovered Thomas and we enjoy Chuggington all the time in this house. If he sees train tracks the kid goes crazy. He is excited over the sound of a train whistle. Basically it came down to how could I pass up the chance to take him to one of the largest indoor train displays?
We got there and it was really clean, yes this is important to every mom, but as you walked in it was nice and open, and gave you a good feel. You could see several party rooms that looked like they could accommodate a good sized birthday party. You enter a tunnel to purchase your tickets and enter the museum. The staff at the desk was super friendly. They offered the use of a stool for children that might need one to see all parts of the train display. There was also the chance to do a seek and find through the model train display, which is great to do with older kids, heck even mom and dad can have fun with this.

The kids had fun pushing the buttons along the display that would make the train move or cause noise along the track. We loved the fact that through out the display there were stairs for them to stand on and get a better view of the train display. We had opted not to use the step stool, due to the amount of adults with us. My kids had the joy of grandpa and uncle joining us for the trip, so there was one adult for each child.The kids were so obsessed with the buttons most of the time seeing what they did somehow didn't matter.

I noticed on the floor as I walked there were facts given to the visitors about the museum.
This is something I really enjoyed as I love seeing new facts. It was fun to find out how much work went into such an amazing display. 
Very quickly we came upon a really nice play area inside the museum. This was also where the first train could be found. They operate the trains for 45 minutes each hour and only one train at a time. First however we played. There was a mock hand car the kids had fun pretending to drive. There was a little train ride my baby just had fun sitting on. There was a steam engine that the kids could fuel and blow the whistle on. There was also an awesome climbing area that my kids were not interested in at all but mine are afraid of heights. The kids had fun running around and just seeing all the fun things to do. Watching over this area was a train conductor from the top of a train stop.
There was tons to do in the museum and I learned quite a bit about trains and I missed way more. There was a loft where you could look over most of the train display and see how it was going to be expanded to add even more to the display. For my son however the highlight was the train ride on Thomas.
With all the trains, it was relief to see a fun house also attached to the museum. Here is where mom and dad had the most fun. Going to see the different fun houses. No matter how unscarry the house was, the kids wanted nothing to do with it. I was glad here to have my dad and brother along who were willing to sit outside and talk with the kids. My oldest is 6 and we did get her into some of the houses willingly but the others were carried and somewhat cried. I am pretty sure a lot of that had to do with age.
One of the biggest surprises for me was finding out the prices in the gift shop were not over priced. They had some really nice items and I did not feel like they were trying to get double what it was worth, as you find in a lot of museum or kid places.

All in all we had a really good time. We hope to do this again since it is so close to Louisville and only a day trip for us.
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