Palmer Easter candy

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Palmer Easter candy makes the perfect basket stuffer for all the kids!  No matter what age, there is something cute for everyone! They recently sent us some to try out and these are our faves!  I love how well they fit into the boy's Easter baskets and I can't wait to surprise my little ones on Easter morning with these great Palmer selections! 


Soccer BunnyYour little soccer star will get a kick out of Palmer’s newest sports star. Made from Palmer’s creamy milk chocolate and decorated in team colors, this 5 oz. hollow bunny will be a great addition to your Easter basket line up.


NEW! Ear-Resistible Mesh BagsFor those who enjoy eating the ears first, these milk chocolaty crunch DoubleCrisp® candies are ear-resistible in individually wrapped in bright colored foils and packaged in a 4.4 ounce bag.  The kids might find that some of these disappear into my hands as well, I love the DoubleCrisp® items the most!  LOL


NEW! Fun n’ GamesHave your fun and eat it too with this DoubleCrisp® edible maze! New for 2014, this chocolaty n’ smooth, crisp n’ crunchy Palmer treat is as fun to play with as it is to eat!


Baby Binks The baby of the Palmer candy bunch comes in a creamy, hollow milk chocolate shell with sweet candy eyes and 2 ounces of milk chocolate. Easter baskets just wouldn’t be complete without Binks, Easter’s classic chocolate baby bunny.


Bunny Crisp® 3-Pack Window BoxBunny Crisp are an Easter basket favorite with their chocolaty smooth, crisp n' crunchy rice filling. Three foil wrapped chocolate bunnies in each pack and crafted with Palmer double crisp crunch.


Lil’ Crispy®This blue eyed, yellow bowtie crafted double crisp candy delight is a chocolaty smooth, crisp n’ crunchy Easter basket filled classic. Best if enjoyed one nibble at a time.


Creamy Peanut Butter Cups - with a rich chocolaty taste, individually wrapped in Palmer's classic gold metallic foils for your every day pleasure.


The Palmer Easter Candy website has all sorts of new crafts and recipes, so visit it today to see about the fun things you can do with your kiddos! 

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