Pro Packing Cubes Review

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Pro Packing Cubes offer the most technologically advanced Travel Cubes on the market.  Tested by climbers, mountaineers, snow sport athletes, surfers and urban explorers, we have created a travel packing cubes system that will go the distance.  Whether you’re taking on the North face, or a family holiday Pro Packing Cubes can be trusted to go the distance and not weight you down.

Recently I got the chance to take a trip and try out a great new product.  Packing cubes have become a hot new trend among travelers to help maximize space in both carry on and checked luggage and also to allow easy access to the contents of your bag all while keeping you super organized.  I personally love anything that screams organization so I was excited to give these a try.  

There are numerous brands and styles on the market but Pro Packing Cubes are hands down the best! 
The company offers a Large, Medium, Small, and Slim size, each set varies so be sure to know what you are purchasing before you get them.  
Here is how I packed my cubes and my opinion of them.  
Cube 1:  In the first medium cube I rolled and placed 8 pairs of underwear for my self and 8 pairs of boxer briefs for my husband along the bottom.  The fabric is very light so you have to hold it up for the first row to get things started.  After the first row was in, I was able to lay a second row of bras, socks, and a couple tank tops and lightweight pajama shorts rolled on top.  I was surprised at how easily the cube zipped and all the air came out of the mesh lining in the tops of the cubes.  
b2ap3_thumbnail_pp2_20150921-184932_1.jpg     b2ap3_thumbnail_pp4_20150921-184936_1.jpg
Cube 2:  I began rolling 8 t-shirts for my husband on the bottom row and turned one sideways to make them all fit.  I also took my husbands belt and roped it around the whole cube twice.  For the top layer in this cube I rolled 6-7 more lightweight shirts for me on the top row.  This cubed was packed but still managed to zip without too much effort.  
b2ap3_thumbnail_pp6_20150921-184939_1.jpg  b2ap3_thumbnail_pp5_20150921-184937_1.jpg
Cube 3:  Since we were taking a summer trip we had bathing suits and swim cover ups and a few sundresses.  I used the third cube for those and a few extra t-shirts and shorts.  I rolled each item as tightly as I could and pushed them as close together as possible.  This cube was able to hold four women's tankinis and three men's swim shorts and two cover ups.  I still can't believe how much you can fit in these cubes!  Here is a photo of everything laying out that fit in this one cube! 
Cube 4:   When I looked at what was left to pack it was mainly my husbands shorts and my capri pants.  I rolled four pairs of dressier shorts for him and two athletic shorts and 2-3 pairs of capris for myself in this cube.  If their was extra room in any of the cubes I would use it to put a random pair of socks or a small toiletry item that was leak proof.
We also packed shoes in one and toiletries in one.  Our carry on suitcase is on the smaller side but all four medium cubes stuffed full would still fit if I had squeezed them in, but since we where both taking a carry on we chose to put two cubes in each of our carry ons along with our own shoes and the other clothing items I mentioned rolled up and tucked in around them.  The last little slim size cube that came with the set we chose to use for medications and things that went in a purse to make sure we had access to it at all times.  It would also be great to keep the 3oz clear containers in that are allowed on airplanes, toothbrushes, hair accessories, etc. 
Overall I was very impressed that on average we could fit 14-15 shirts in one medium packing cube and ultimately fit almost everything for two adult people for a whole weeks vacation in 4-6 cubes.  The place we were staying had a washer and dryer so I was able to repack the cubes to come home and put things right back in the drawers which was super convenient.  Had we not had that, the cubes would still have been a convenient way to separate dirty clothes from clean clothes.  I would definitely recommend the Pro Packing cubes to anyone looking to streamline their packing process and look forward to trying them out in the future.  Maybe next time I will use them for the children's clothes and I am sure I will be able to fit much more per cube since their clothes are so much smaller!