Soccer at Mockingbird Valley Sports Complex!

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When my six year old told us this winter that he wanted to play soccer I was a little hesitant.  We let him play soccer when he was 4 and I felt like it was a waste of time and money.  I also wasn’t at all sure of how to get him started in soccer again in the middle of the winter!   I was so happy to find Mockingbird Valley Sports Complex and the soccer programs they offer!   I was thrilled to then also learn that they offered soccer for my 2 year old as well!  And, better yet, their sessions were offered on the same day and time, each on different fields, so it made life easier to get there and let them both enjoy it!

Both of my children received MVSC t-shirts on their first day and both loved it from that moment on!  The instructors know how to engage the children based on their age and how fast they learn! 

For their Toddler class, the primary goal is to help develop basic motor skills and teach the kids how to go after the ball.  The instructors work through Symbolism and create a fun, nurturing atmosphere.  They find ways to incorporate imaginative play by using lots of props and sports equipment.  They teach the kids how to run to certain nets by making it all bout fun colors games and more!  My little one especially liked it when the coaches would get down on his level and be silly with him!  The best part of all as a parent is watching as the coaches also allow for exploration and free play.  If my two year old decided all he wanted to do was run up and down the court kicking the ball all by himself, they were fine with that.  They let him move at his pace until he was ready to come back and join the group.

For their youth class, my six year old is playing with other kids his own age, instead of a mixed age team where some kids are much better than others because they have been playing longer.  Each age group has a curriculum that is designed to teach age-appropriate material.  While they do strive to teach them more of the technical and tactical aspects of the game at this age, they still make it fun and engage each and every child.  My little guy is so happy every week and comes running off the field asking if I saw him do this or that and all that he accomplished!  This is such a welcome response to what we encountered just a few short years ago when he played!

Each Youth Session is different in length.  We have two 6 week sessions (Fall and Spring) and two 9 week sessions (Winter I  & Winter II).  You have the luxury of choosing your practice time, which is the constant throughout the session.  All games are played on Saturdays at MVSC.  Prices depend on the age of the player.  Spring/Summer session registration is happening now!  Spring Deadline is March 10th so get signed up this week!  And remember, show your Mommy Nest egg card to receive 10% off registration!  Register online at