Sports Injury Preventions

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Think mouth guards are for wimps?

Think again.  Wearing a mouth guard can not only prevent major oral injuries such as tooth and jaw fractures, but has been shown to reduce concussive brain injuries.                    

Who should wear Mouth guards?

  • All athletes in most sports
  • In sports with heavy contact (i.e. football, hockey, basketball, lacrosse, basketball) a custom mouth guard should we worn at all times
  • In other sports (i.e. field hockey, baseball, softball, soccer) a mouth guard is strongly recommended and even mandated in most organizations

Why should a mouth guard be worn?

  • Injury prevention
  • 36% of all injuries in children ages 5-17 are sports related and 80% of those injuries are to the upper front teeth
  • Improved performance


What type of mouth guard should be worn?

  • Stock mouth guards provide the least protection and do not prevent concussive brain injuries well
  • “Boil-and-Bite” mouth guards are better and provide a semi-custom fit and are affordable
  • Custom mouth guards made by a dentist are the best. They provide a custom fit and protect best against mouth and concussive injuries.

By: Jennifer Board D.M.D.

Dr. Board is with KidzSmile Dentistry. She can be contacted at (502)426-9594