Every year Stage One Family Theatre presents The Best Xmas Pageant Ever and every year it is not to be missed!  This year is no different!  This story is simple yet clever and continues to teach us the importance of not judging a book by its cover.  In this small town, the annual Christmas pageant is taken over by the six children of the Herdman family who are typically “the worst kids in the history of the whole world.”  However, the true meaning of the season shines through when the Herdmans display lessons of giving and caring in front of the entire town who has gathered at the church.


Director Lucas W. Adams does a wonderful job putting a modern twist on this 1970’s story.  His use of modern costumes lets audience members see characters they can relate with.  In the show, Grace Bradley, portrayed by Leah Roberts, is tasked with producing the pageant after Helen Armstrong played by Deb Watassek, breaks her leg and can’t do it.  Grace is frustrated when no other children want to audition for the roles because they are all intimidated by the Herdmans who have decided to show up.


Stage One utilizes two different children’s cases for the 8 show run.  I saw the Red Cast which included Hedi Keck as Beth and Lucas Karem as Charlie who do a fabulous job telling the story and remembering all of the lines.  Of the Herdman clan, Imogene, played by McKenzie Nevins and Gladys, played by Eliza Moorman seem to make the most impact, both on the show, but also on those around them.  Adding comic relief as Bob Bradley is Douglas Scott Sorenson who is a father just looking for ways to get out of having to go and help his wife.   In the end though, he proudly dawns a bathrobe as a shepherd. 

Recommended for Ages 8 and up


Weekend Public Performances
December 8, December 15        2 pm & 5 pm
December 20        10 am & 12 pm
The Kentucky Center, Bomhard Theater

For more information or to purchase tickets call 502.498.2436 or visit http://www.stageone.org/the-season/the-best-christmas-pageant-ever/


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