Stage One’s Terrific and Radiant show about SOME PIG!

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My 6 year old is becoming extremely well-versed in local theater and after seeing Stage One Family Theatre’s production of Charlotte’s Web this past weekend, he deemed it one of the best shows he had seen so far!  We went to the 2:00 pm production at the Kentucky Center for the Arts on Saturday, after what had been a very long morning at the March for Dimes Walk.  I will admit I was afraid he might actually fall asleep, but the show kept every minute of his attention!


I was thrilled when I learned that Stage One would do an adaptation of E.B. White’s acclaimed book, Charlotte’s Web because it was one of my favorites as a child.  The story follows Wilbur, the pig, as he becomes friends with a barn spider named Charlotte.  When Wilbur’s keeper, Fern, learns that his future may be in danger (due to typical pig slaughter season), Charlotte writes messages in her web praising the pig and bringing him a lot of attention.  The Arable and the Zuckerman family travel with Wilbur to the State Fair to see if he can win top prize!  Along the way, we also meet many of the farm yard animals, including a rat, a pair of geese, and a sheep.   

The cast did a superb job of morphing into their roles!  Madelyn Steuer shows kindness and compassion as the young Fern.  Seth Lieber is the lovable pig himself and does a great job of portraying himself as such, even without any major face masks or other animal features.  Many other cast members do a tremendous amount of work, changing from one character to another with hardly anyone noticing.  Julie Evans rounds out the cast nicely as Charlotte herself, using a soft, tender voice and ballet-like moves.  Director Mike Brookes does a wonderful job of letting the children in the audience use their imaginations to form the story!


Upon arriving at the theater, you are given a great newspaper-like handout that has all sorts of interesting stories, trivia, games, pictures and more.  It is a great way to take some of the educational aspect of the Stage One production home and continue to talk about it with your children!  I love that they do this with every show!  You still have an opportunity to catch this fabulous production next Saturday, May 18th at 11:00 am or 2:00 pm at the KY Center for the Arts Bomhard Theater.  Purchase your tickets early, as last weekend’s shows were close to selling out!  For ticket information please visit: