The Craft Canary Project: Thought Bucket

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Hi! I am Kara, a Sothern Indiana mom. Among other interests, I like to craft. Let me rephrase that I LOVE to craft. I have 2 under 3; so, projects need to be fast, enjoyable, and have an application. I will share with you projects and tips in DIY. Children may want to help, so encourage them as long as it is age appropriate ;).

The FIRST tip in DIY crafting: Don’t fear mistakes; mistakes make the project more fun, unique and are often times the best part of your project. Don’t hold back before starting just dive in!

Project: Thought Bucket

Supplies :
One small bucket (1 dollar at most stores)
Craft sticks (1 dollar at most dollar stores)
Ribbon on hand
Scissors and colored markers on hand

Cheap-fast-fun, (meets my requirements)! Place this bucket in a central location or kitchen. Randomly throughout the day have some one pull a stick and do what it says. Adapt this basic craft to fit your lifestyle.

Left: Mine as a Prayer Pail
Right: Originally called a Prayer Pail this mom uses it with her family before dinner each night. You can call this what you desire.

Some ideas for the sticks include:
Paint the sticks with your kids
Write silly body movements on them(pat head, etc) when a person pulls the stick they must stop what they are doing and do it.
Thought of the day
People to pray for
Things to play or do next for free time

1. Decorate your sticks! However you like. I used a variety of markers I had on hand, because like most projects I do, they happen at 10 pm when the kids are in bed and the mood strikes me
2. Decorate your Bucket. I went with simple. I used the marker and wrote on the bucket. Other ideas are using scrap paper, printing a label, adding a doily, etc
3. Attach your ribbon. Because this will be in a highly used and viewable area make sure to pick ribbon(s) you like to look at and will match your décor. Craft stores have a ton of this cheap if you don’t already have what you want on hand. Make bows, tie several colors together, use wrapping ribbon, etc.
4. Put your sticks in the bucket and your done!

Now enjoy it and have fun. So don’t be shy, give it a try and head over to the forums to share your crafting ideas!