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Derby Dinner Playhouse opened it's newest Children's Theatre show this past weekend and I took the boys to see it!


They were so excited to see this cute story of truly what is the most famous reindeer of all on stage!  The songs and dancing added to the magic and I can't say enough about how great this little show was!  It was everything you would want and expect out of a holiday-themed musical, and just the right length for little ones! 

We started the morning off at the Breakfast buffet which is always full of yummy treats like french toast sticks, ham, scrambled eggs, and biscuits with gravy! While we ate, we saw Santa and Mrs. Claus going around to all of the tables.  They stopped at our table to snap photos, say hello, and give the children small activity books!  

b2ap3_thumbnail_cast2.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_cast4.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_cast3.jpg

Once the show started, my children did not take their eyes off the stage at all!  They sang along to familiar songs and listened intently to new ones!  In this musical, THE MOST FAMOUS REINDEER OF ALL, the traditional story of the misfit reindeer with the red nose has a few new twists.  Characters featured in this production are Sammy the Snowflake, who acts as the Narrator of the story; Rudolph’s friends Rocket the Reindeer and Doe the Deer; Ike the Misfit Elf; Evilla the Ice Witch; and of course - Santa!  Rudolph has many great adventures and learns in the end that we must all celebrate our differences and uniqueness. 

J.R. Stuart is love-able and charming as Sammy!  He just wants a chance to SHINE!  The kids loved his blue hair!  Rudolph is played by Mitch Donahue and he is very good at showing the kids how he gains his self confidence.  His friends, played by Marina Hart and Zachary Burrell make great reindeer characters, among others as well!  To watch them shift from playing elves, to reindeer, to polar bears is amazing!  Bill Hanna portrays Ike, an elf who feels as though he can't accomplish anything right, but soon discovers that is far from the case!  Evilla the Ice Witch is played by Rita Thomas and she does a great job of not being "scary."  My kids especially liked her given their obsession this past year with "snow queens."  LOL


All public performances of THE MOST FAMOUS REINDEER OF ALL are on Saturdays with Breakfast at 9:00 a.m. and Lunch at 12:00 p.m.  All performances feature a kid friendly menu.  This production is most suitable for ages 3 - 12.  Santa will be at every public performance and will visit every table!

THE MOST FAMOUS REINDEER OF ALL is under the direction of Tina Jo Wallace.  The cast includes Mitch Donahue, Bill Hanna, Marina Hart, Rita Thomas, Zachary Burrell, Rachel Yeager, David Myers, and J.R. Stuart.  The book for this production was written by Greylyn Gregory with music by John Spencer.

For ticket information please call 812-288-8281 or visit

Breakfast Ticket Price:      $16 each

Lunch Ticket Price:   $21 each

MANY SHOWS ARE ALLREADY sold out, but they have just added an additional public lunch performance on Monday, December 22nd! Call NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!  

812-288-8281 or visit!